New Year Cloth

Oh My Gosh~
almost forgot to buy clothes for this coming new year. today planned to go sunway pyramid to sweep stock. but i overslept....haih... Don's Problem. end up go Mid valley for shopping. a bit too late for me to buy clothes now.. nice design, size all had been sold out. what can i do? simply choose. well, i notice what i bough previously ..
all were black and white..(mostly black). trying to try some sharp colour this year.. but a bit weird feeling about this, with those sharp colour. me look like a kid, bah... colours... just bough 2 today, black and orange. hope it won't torche other peoples eyes.

Assignment No MORE!!

Everything is Reaching the finish line, 3 and a half years of college life almost reach graduation very soon, today is the submission of my Last assignment. yeah that mean ASSIGNMENT,NO MORE!! but this isn't the End, 3 more Exam to go for applying a full stop to my studies. at least, not as stress as before, am i wishing for End of studies? or wish for longer studies? i don't know.... once the end of stdies,chances to meet my friend will reduce, no more 1 week 2 days for studies.. 21 years of studing, everyday shouting for freedom, graduation. when graduation is infront of your eyes. u might be wishing for longer study period.. what am i thinking? isn't that what i always wishing for? what ever, no one know what will happen in the future, let just face it....

Monster Infront Of APIIT!!

While rushing for my final assignment, SIMS send me a photo of LAMBOGINI , that not that factor what shock me up. i foudn that the environmetn of the car seem very very very familiar! oh my god!! is APIIT, my College!!
wow a near million dollar sport car monster park infront of APIIT? what a surprise, i wonder which student own that LAMBOGINI..


New Dream,New Hope

After Searching for a while...
what car able to replace my dream car (FC3S)??
at last, i found 1, yeah~ that honda prelude
cool out look as well, here the photo.
but still not sure about this car yet. wonder is a good car or ....

The Price of this car is about Rm45k to 50k

Dream Broken...

haihz /.\.. seem like dream of driving FC3S already been broken. Why? cause i found some weakness from that car..
*Mad Fuel Machine , drink double than other car as far as i know(7Km/1Liter)
*Backseat.....space limited. very limited
*Expensive maintainence fees, heard about RM7k each time
*Lack Of Sparepart, technicial of this car..
*Low Cost (RM35k, never expect this car would be so low price as a sport car)
*Low CC, only 1.3 but produce more power , but the fuel.....
*Cool Design.

what to do... someone even told me this car might be spend more time in factory rather than on roads... very very unstable realibility.. some even say..

Someday i will Drive u Home~

Here is the Car I Dream for, Yeah~ This Car did show up in the Famous Japan Anime years ago. INITIAL-D!! yeah that right. FC3S is the model of this car. Produce by Mitsubishi. In the Movie of Initial D, this car is in White Colour "White Meteor".i had need searching around for cars that might suitable for me. cause i DON'T LIKE PROTON!! guess what ? price of this car, how much it gonna cost u to bring this baby home? RM100k? Sport Car wor~ Japan Sport Car somemore. branded Product by Mitsubishi. i won't believe my eyes with the price i saw! below RM40k?For Real? cheaper than Proton ? FC3S,wait me! someday, i gonna drive u home

Someday, i going to Drive u!!

well. as mention before , i wish to have my own wings. maybe the first thing modification i going to do with the car above is this door modification. i'm going to attach a wings for it.

too bad.. just heard a news about this car....this car is a petrol maniac, it drink petrol more than you drink water. 1 L only able to bring u fly for 7KM? gosh... is this the reason bring your value down?

I need a pair of Wings To Fly~~

What i wish for is a pair of wings, my very own wings. wings that able to help me discover my very own path. for the old days, i were following others rides, tails to move. but i unable to choose my very own path. where will that direction lead to ? where is the end of it? always keep flash by my mind everytime i'm outside ride with others.I didn't really mind about wings for pass few years is becase i don't have a specific destination for me to reach. but is different for now because of somewhere i wish to discover.

When will i able to have my very own wings? a pair of wings that able to help me discover my own path? and also i wonder will my destination will remain the same by the time i have my own wings? will my destination still have what i seeking for? or already it fly away? i just wish my wings will be attach to my back as soon as possible. to bring what i seeking for discover the path together......

Photoshop is AMAZING!!!

well, since nothing to do then i start my photoshop 8.0 CS and play around with it, and also find some tutorial about it. guess wat? above is my result. amazing huh??
Press CTRL+A to see the result

Convert Black and White To Colour~!!!

Back From Saloon

Eh.. Today walking around low yatt saw a saloon with Malaysian Idol? sponcer? then i notice the price also reasonable (For me maybe?) then go in and have a try.. hehe, a girl come and ask what would i want.i asked almost everything, but decided to cut only,wakakaka.i never espect she from sandakan as well, what a small world.hahaha, oh ya.. today donated RM ? and snip inside to see a small Music Show? got ah niu and Nicholas Cheong with his "who will you think of when lonely" Not bad~ so close with them. too bad i'm not his FAN's sorry lor.

First Post~

opening Celebration~ yeah~
First post~
what should i post in this blog ler?
Don Know, maybe something special?
HapPy New Year 2005
finally 2004 the worst year is over. i hate 2004 very much!!
hope 2005 will be better
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