I need a pair of Wings To Fly~~

What i wish for is a pair of wings, my very own wings. wings that able to help me discover my very own path. for the old days, i were following others rides, tails to move. but i unable to choose my very own path. where will that direction lead to ? where is the end of it? always keep flash by my mind everytime i'm outside ride with others.I didn't really mind about wings for pass few years is becase i don't have a specific destination for me to reach. but is different for now because of somewhere i wish to discover.

When will i able to have my very own wings? a pair of wings that able to help me discover my own path? and also i wonder will my destination will remain the same by the time i have my own wings? will my destination still have what i seeking for? or already it fly away? i just wish my wings will be attach to my back as soon as possible. to bring what i seeking for discover the path together......
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