Yeah! Finally No Need Go To Apiit Anymore ^^

Yeah~ Finally Finish Everything!! At Last!! No More Exam!! No More Assignment!!
No more Project! No More !!! everything no more!! no more "pakai ID",
Shoulder suddenly become very light,no more burden
nothing to worry anymore, must enojoy kao kao only start searching for job, hehehehhehe
start planning !!!
i mean for graduation Trip :P

New Year, New Style, New Life

Bah nothing special, just went to the APT HAIR SALON & ACADEMY to do some changes on my hair to celebrate chinese new year. but the result not that statisfy for me. and i found that my friend aslo having the same thing i done but in different salon. cheaper and nicer result ~_~ god. i been cheated again . haihz... the boss the kinda nice~ they gave me 3 vouches or discount ( wish i can immediately use it >_<")
and a pack of Ang Pao..................PACKET ~_~


Today finally meet my parent, they finally reach KL today.miss them sooooo much~
too bad they not staying with me tonight, they went to my other relative house to stay. hmph guess i'm gonna go there tomorrow to accompany them.haihz, i not yet pack up my things.~_~, anyway very ahppy to see them again .. really miss everything of them.^^

Last Day Of The Class

Finally, our class had reach the Final Class, but dosen't mean the course is finish. arrggg still got 2 more Exam to go, but who cares, let celebrate Chinese new year 1st, then only back to Exam business ^^. below picture is taken with Wei Ling camera during End of the Last Class.
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Gan, Biau, Kien Hong, DonDon, derick?

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Photo of Me and Mango, sweet gurl in class ^^

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Photo of Me and Lay Khoon ^^
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Me and Leng Lui Jen
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Me and Li Hong, yes, huang li hong!! get her signature fast!!
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