The Return Of Don To Sandakan!

Sandakan! I'm Back!! how long i didn't come back to Sandakan already? a year over? i guess so, Donny once again step into sandakan. it changed quite a lots in this town. additional new roads, shopping complex(still incomparable to KL 1) i saw some new shoplots were builded near miles 6. i think will pick a day to go explore around there :P.

First i saw when i home, i saw my doggie, it hurt when they bark at me T_T, but when it come closer, i think it recognized me ^.^ my house own 2 doggie, 1 of it is mini size puppy ^^, another 1 is normal size doggie :P so glad they still remember me ^^

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My Cute Puppy~ Bobby ~~~XD. so excited when see me home :P

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Bobby~ Up! hehehe~ but sorry, nothing can eat 1. hahaha

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er... No Name, My parent get this dog after i go to KL for studies, didn't give name yet :P this 1 Very Naughty 1

Hmph.. nothing much change around my house, once i go into my room.. eh?? how come to empty already ?where my large bed? where my TV? where is cupboard? hmph.. my mom clean it already.. bah nvm.. it better for me also , my room look wider, larger~ ^.^ it brings back memories when i look at those Poster i stick on the walls. i used to collect poster before.

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What next? My Mom cooks, YUMMY!!!! i misss it sooo much~~!! long time didn't dining with my parent already^.^ it's great !! Gosh !! all my favourite Meal !! erm.. 1 more thing for sure~
hahahahaha, my mom sure mumbling at me, why? cause i never touch the vegetable. lolz, waht to do?? i'm a Vegetarians Reject Machine, yeah ~ No Vege!! hahaha, she said me didn't change at all :P

Happy Birthday Mon Siong~

His birthday is on 26th, but we went to de palma (am i correct?) to countdown and celebrate his birthday on night of 25th :P. quit big number for those who attend to his brithday . hahaha
guy : Chye,ah Kit, Donny(me lor), zhi zhun, pan Xiang, and the birthday boy Mon Siong
ladies: Huei Chee, Huei San,Wan Yee, Wan Chee,Pei San,shi shi,lai see,ah lim, shennie, yue ling?

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Birthday Boy~ The Cake Look Delicious, go a HEAD, give a try

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Birthday with his New Watches in the left hand, and the right hand is.......

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Everybody~ Say Happy Birthday To Mon Siong~

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All Mon siong Birthday Celebrater,

My Second Graduation Trip to Pangkor

Bicycles Riding and Bike Riding
First Thing we do is looking for a Bike for rent or Bicycle for rent. We got it for RM15 per day for motor bike and RM10 per day for bicycles。But end up using bicycle for 1 hour: P Why? Think about down hill, fuiyooo~ very fun, imagine the wind blow on your face. When come to up hill will take your life away >.<, sweat all around your face. Ok lor~ I admit I fat liao >.<. that why we return the bicycle and get ride on the motorbikes :P. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Motorbikes we Rent :P

Yeah~ Snorkeling again, this time is in Pangkor, this time we able to take photo with those nice coral and sea cucumber. That naughty guide of our, throw the sea cucumber into the boat we currently in. hahaha, those girl seem scared till almost jump from boat. Hahahaha (Jk Jk JK :P). the things I love to do, fish feeding^^. Hold the bread in your hand and wait those fish peck your hand. Haihz, end of snorkeling had to buy more plaster >_<. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Everyone with the Coral~^.^
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Can’t touch the ground >.<

Banana Boat
This were fun, you will be sitting on the huge balloon boat and pull by the speedboat. The objective of the speedboat is tried to make the passenger on the balloon boat fall into the salty sea >.<. haihz.. I drank lots of sea water during this ride. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Everyone On board~! Get Ready To Fall

Pocket Bike
Aren’t those bikes looking cute?? Yeah~ put in RM1 it will start shaking XD, hahaha just joking. Is it a Real bike with mini size. According to the owner of the bikes, these bikes able to reach 50km/j speed. The games cost is RM5 for 5 minute. How the 5 minute feel? Shaking!! Vibration!! The bike vibrates seriously when u accelerates. What else I feel? Pain… I fall from the bike… ouch! but, it still a very good experience ^^. Wish to bring 1 of the bike home. Wahahahaha.
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Pocket Bike Racer with Pretty Ladies

Sun Rise
Some of us wanted to see the scene of sun rising, we done a lot of mistake just to wait for the sun rise; first of all, we went to the wrong side to wait for the sun. West sides, then lucky enough there still someone for us to ask for guide. Guess what is the time? 4 Am if I’m not mistaken. Oh. Way too early we wake up. The uncles there told us need to go another side only able to see the sun rise, and.. sun rise at 7 Am….. hahahaha, then need someone to fetch us from west island to east island, then we only able to see the sun rise, so we snaps a lots photo whiles we waiting the Mr. Sun to come out :P. 7AM near. Arrgg fog too strong until blocking the sun rise… we missed it?, hahhaha we though so, but still able to see some of it while we having breakfast :P. what else? Snap picture !!
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The Sun We Waiting For >.<

0.0.7 Bang!! Arr!!
Huh? What is this? Well, is one of the game we play while we in Pangkor apartment, the game is depends on concentration, is it? Who the most blur will be the victim ,hahaha. What punishment will be given? Drink Carlsberg!! Hahahaha. So dun simply shout when someone pointing at you. hahahaha, or else u need to drink. We bought some alcoholics drinks from Carrefour. So is good to use it to play some games^^. All of use had a nice dream after the games :P
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The Red Shirt Guys is our Beer King .lolz~
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Everybody Went Into Their Dream Land~

Fish Farm
The fish farm is located middle of the sea, we need to boat to get to the place. The whole place is floating on the middle sea. And that’s the place where they raise the protected fish. Too bad most of the fish already been feeds, so we unable to see the exciting moment. Guess what , we found a doggy there, wow! it know how to swim doggy style :P
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Picture Taken in the Floating Fish farm

Crab Hunting!!
We did some crab hunting while we walking by the sea side. And found that a lot crab holes around. Kekeke. What we do? Dig holes hunt crab :P . we managed to snap few picture with the crab we caught . lol. pity crabby
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Crab Of The Day

Temple in Pangkor
Yeah ~ temples build in Pangkor islands. It had a very nice garden. With a lot of nice scence for us to snap more pictures: P there even MINI Great Wall of China can be found at the back of the temple. The place is nice, the building is nice ^^
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Speedboats Driving
Thanks for out snorkeling guide, letting us drive the speedboat on our self feel so good ^.^ another good experience ^^
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Alan Tam and Donny Tam : P , Alan Tam is our guide

Bye Bye Pangkor
The Last but not least, we went to some shop to grab some Souvenir before really going home ^^ picture taken before pur journey Ends.
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Everyone go back with big pack of pangkor speciallist food and Souvenir

Escaped From Death

Let begins with the Last day of tioman, which is forth day in tioman. asyou already knew. everyone is tired and try to get some rest while on the way back to KL. and since the bus will take about 5~6 hour to reach the destination, so for sure we will take these moment to recharge our energy. thing go smooth in the first hours and that moment i unable to get sleep cause of bodyache >.<. then suddenly heard something at the back,"STOP!!" once i turn my head a look back GOSH!! very thick white smoke! gushing out from the back. grab my bags then run toward the exit. of course wait the bus stop a side first. Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The Front View of the burned down bus

After escape from the bus, what we do? move as far as possible, during this moment, we notice that the engine room of the bus still producing thick white smoke, awhile later...white smoke changed to black smoke, why? it start burning.. we able to see the fire coming out from the back. the fire start Barbequing our travel bus. oh forgot to mention. the bus is the same bus we took coming from KL. the same whcih wich using Petrol flavour Ambipure and cracking mirror at the front mirror. yupe! is the same bus.. too bad lucky lady not with us this time. TER leave her in tioman gua...that why bus burned , hahaha

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Malaysia Fire Fighter always arrived during end of the show. my Sand taken from tioman still on the bus! please save them >.<

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The bus driver trying to get the battery out from the burned down bus

well, since the bus fire weakening, so we albe to get closer to the bus, guess what?someone even trying to open the Luggage door at the side of the bus.he being hero that save most of the passanger luggage from the burning bus,but lucky enought that the luggage area is protected by a fireproved container,left side of the bus is the luggage container and right side container, guess what inside? 5 hour transportation fuel,lucky it safe from the fire. else....

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Yor~ why something like this happen to us geh? suppose to be our ahppy journey geh.
gimme the sunblock 1st :P

Foreign passanger is the most worried because of their pastport. but from what i saw.. they still playing mastermind while the bus burning, so? we take out UNO card and start playing the Game as well.wakakkaka.

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Waiting passanger who lost their properties to make report in police station, out side the windows is police station

Then 1 hour later (suppose), a replacement Bus arrived, thanks God is not Bus from Tenaga(which the burned bus company). then we stop by a stall to buy drinks and snaks, then the bus moved on to police station.it stop here about 2 hours for those passanger who lost their luggage in the fire. wasted 2 more hour on the bus.... then only the bus depart from police station and move toward to our destination K.L, we arrived in K.L about 9PM night time? gosh another days wasted .. Tioman Trip.. really truly hardly Unforgettable.

Enjoyable Moment in Tioman

Well, after the first day wasted. So we more appreciate the 2nd day in Tioman. What we notice in Tioman in first is... there is no land traffic. No road must go station by station with Water transport which will again charge by the transport owner. so we look for people to bring us to

So what we go it visited few island nearby. And about 7 station in total, we visited all station with 2 days. So won’t be so rush from 1 station to another station. We can spend more time in every station. What I recall from the station I go is... the coral and fish were very pretty and nice. Crystal clear water with colorful fish surrounding me (Why surrounding me? Wakakaka ,cause I got the bread for fish :D). I shout ouch many times cause bitten by those fish ~_~” . I remember that I catch 1 fish with my bare hand while those fish eating those bread on the water , that was fun, but the fish fin suddenly spike up and I had to let it go… / .\ or else my hand dye to red colour.
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Colourfull Fishy and Crystal clear water :P

We went for few station, most of the station also go down swim and get surrounded by fish. What the different between the stations is each station have the different type of fish and coral. Most of the station stops I will be in swimming in sea: P with the striking colour life jacket.
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kitzai,mily,Bigfish,Biu,Jun,Don,KienHong,Li Hoong,Kong Kor (dun talk phone lar~haiyoo)

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Swim~ Swim~Swim~

Humph, as I remember the last station we go is a waterfall station. We go through the jungle for about 15~20minute to reach the destination. The water there were cold and nice ^^ and feel very good when u go middle of the waterfall ^^ let the water fall on you. It makes u feel refreshing ^^. We notice something under the water... but not sure are real or fake. We found the sand look golden shining. Gold Sand? Not so sure about it. Maybe something else mixed with the water. No matter real or fake. The scene there really attractive ^^, very nice environment with the sound of nature, water sound, bugs noise, tree smells: P

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Nice Waterfall, make sure you don't fall

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nice place~ let water fall on your body, feels gooooood

Unexpected Firstday To Tioman

First Trip After graduation, the first station were set to be in Tioman island. so happy to take a trip after long time stresss under apiit torche. we depatch from KL about 11pm, yeah~ is PM.
then whole night night being a suffer night in the bus. why ? because we are starting active when the night come. most of us unable to sleep . guess what we do in the Bus? Chor dai Dee!!!! yeah~ no table? haha we used kitjun LV bag as table, cause it got a flat and hard enough surface. cool! time passed kinda fast.. few hour later, we getting more and more excited. too nooisy maybe, the driver turn off the light in inside the Bus. wahahahah who cares? We got our own TORCH LIGHT.wakakka, games continues, but that is the last game if not mistaken ~.~ after that everyone TRYING to get some sleep. cause of the diesel leaking somewhere around the bus i guess, the wholes bus full with diesell smells. oh ya, forgot to mention, the bus we took is TENAGA company Bus, Never ever take bus from this company ! why? i tell tell why next time.
First Impression i saw this bus "Won't Be This Bus Gua?" front mirror can clearly see it already cracked. and also the bus always make noise when it move,(can imagine how lousy it was)

okies, End of Bus story, we need to stay in the bus for almost 6 hour (gosh!) we reach mersing about 5 Am.then the next thing we do is FIND Waterway transport to reach Tioman. At First, We know there is a Speed boat at 7AM, wait wait and wait , deciding which company to buy with...Ops....the Wave seem like quite strong for today, then the next thing fly into my ear is 7am speedboat cancelled, oO". oh gosh!! then how? we HAD to wait till 4 PM Ferry . 4PM?
arrr, 1st day was wasted at there>.< . wait for 11 hour... what to do ? find hotel lor~ bad things is not much hotel offer good price with few hour . beside that, 10 people want A room. hahahaha Si Tao Poh also keep scratching her head. but at lucky we also got 1 room to rest and wait time pass by. what to do ? play Uno lor~ what else.
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Bored then only go out the street walk walk and find lunch. Yeah~ finally time passed till 4 PM , aiks? ferry delay till 5 PM arrrggg, gonna mad already so many people wanted to get onboard ~.~ cause that is 1st ferry of the day . ok~ done, everyone on board, waikit and kienhong go upstair. hahah suppose is a 2 hour ferry ride, too bad, the wave that day stronger than usual. so the ferry was like up~~ down~~ up~~ down~~ roller coaster! ahahaha, after few times, hour or minute. the 1st victim show up. vomiting , then i fall asleep dunno what happen next, wondering why i able to sleep ? cause my childhood always sleep in father car 4x4 go through jungle . used to it :P. when i awake. gosh, most of then passanger vomit. front, left, back all vomited>.<>.< but that restaurant... haiz.. 1st restaurant we being cheated. how they cheat?? we ordered 10 drinks. but 2 out of 10 didn't come , then we remind them that 2 drinks not yet serve, what they do is add the 2 more drinks as extra order .. end of the bill 12 drinks and with 10 drinks served.... extra 2 drinks were paid for nothing. after the dinner every one gone back to their own room for rest
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this is next day breakfast

That End Of Day 1 in Tioman
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