Escaped From Death

Let begins with the Last day of tioman, which is forth day in tioman. asyou already knew. everyone is tired and try to get some rest while on the way back to KL. and since the bus will take about 5~6 hour to reach the destination, so for sure we will take these moment to recharge our energy. thing go smooth in the first hours and that moment i unable to get sleep cause of bodyache >.<. then suddenly heard something at the back,"STOP!!" once i turn my head a look back GOSH!! very thick white smoke! gushing out from the back. grab my bags then run toward the exit. of course wait the bus stop a side first. Image hosted by
The Front View of the burned down bus

After escape from the bus, what we do? move as far as possible, during this moment, we notice that the engine room of the bus still producing thick white smoke, awhile later...white smoke changed to black smoke, why? it start burning.. we able to see the fire coming out from the back. the fire start Barbequing our travel bus. oh forgot to mention. the bus is the same bus we took coming from KL. the same whcih wich using Petrol flavour Ambipure and cracking mirror at the front mirror. yupe! is the same bus.. too bad lucky lady not with us this time. TER leave her in tioman gua...that why bus burned , hahaha

Image hosted by
Malaysia Fire Fighter always arrived during end of the show. my Sand taken from tioman still on the bus! please save them >.<

Image hosted by
The bus driver trying to get the battery out from the burned down bus

well, since the bus fire weakening, so we albe to get closer to the bus, guess what?someone even trying to open the Luggage door at the side of the bus.he being hero that save most of the passanger luggage from the burning bus,but lucky enought that the luggage area is protected by a fireproved container,left side of the bus is the luggage container and right side container, guess what inside? 5 hour transportation fuel,lucky it safe from the fire. else....

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Yor~ why something like this happen to us geh? suppose to be our ahppy journey geh.
gimme the sunblock 1st :P

Foreign passanger is the most worried because of their pastport. but from what i saw.. they still playing mastermind while the bus burning, so? we take out UNO card and start playing the Game as well.wakakkaka.

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Waiting passanger who lost their properties to make report in police station, out side the windows is police station

Then 1 hour later (suppose), a replacement Bus arrived, thanks God is not Bus from Tenaga(which the burned bus company). then we stop by a stall to buy drinks and snaks, then the bus moved on to police stop here about 2 hours for those passanger who lost their luggage in the fire. wasted 2 more hour on the bus.... then only the bus depart from police station and move toward to our destination K.L, we arrived in K.L about 9PM night time? gosh another days wasted .. Tioman Trip.. really truly hardly Unforgettable.

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Suzanne said...

Kesiannya.... a trip end with fire?
Waikit face look so miserable.. Poor thing.. any way thank god you guys are SAFE!

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