My Second Graduation Trip to Pangkor

Bicycles Riding and Bike Riding
First Thing we do is looking for a Bike for rent or Bicycle for rent. We got it for RM15 per day for motor bike and RM10 per day for bicycles。But end up using bicycle for 1 hour: P Why? Think about down hill, fuiyooo~ very fun, imagine the wind blow on your face. When come to up hill will take your life away >.<, sweat all around your face. Ok lor~ I admit I fat liao >.<. that why we return the bicycle and get ride on the motorbikes :P. Image hosted by
Motorbikes we Rent :P

Yeah~ Snorkeling again, this time is in Pangkor, this time we able to take photo with those nice coral and sea cucumber. That naughty guide of our, throw the sea cucumber into the boat we currently in. hahaha, those girl seem scared till almost jump from boat. Hahahaha (Jk Jk JK :P). the things I love to do, fish feeding^^. Hold the bread in your hand and wait those fish peck your hand. Haihz, end of snorkeling had to buy more plaster >_<. Image hosted by
Everyone with the Coral~^.^
Image hosted by
Can’t touch the ground >.<

Banana Boat
This were fun, you will be sitting on the huge balloon boat and pull by the speedboat. The objective of the speedboat is tried to make the passenger on the balloon boat fall into the salty sea >.<. haihz.. I drank lots of sea water during this ride. Image hosted by
Everyone On board~! Get Ready To Fall

Pocket Bike
Aren’t those bikes looking cute?? Yeah~ put in RM1 it will start shaking XD, hahaha just joking. Is it a Real bike with mini size. According to the owner of the bikes, these bikes able to reach 50km/j speed. The games cost is RM5 for 5 minute. How the 5 minute feel? Shaking!! Vibration!! The bike vibrates seriously when u accelerates. What else I feel? Pain… I fall from the bike… ouch! but, it still a very good experience ^^. Wish to bring 1 of the bike home. Wahahahaha.
Image hosted by
Pocket Bike Racer with Pretty Ladies

Sun Rise
Some of us wanted to see the scene of sun rising, we done a lot of mistake just to wait for the sun rise; first of all, we went to the wrong side to wait for the sun. West sides, then lucky enough there still someone for us to ask for guide. Guess what is the time? 4 Am if I’m not mistaken. Oh. Way too early we wake up. The uncles there told us need to go another side only able to see the sun rise, and.. sun rise at 7 Am….. hahahaha, then need someone to fetch us from west island to east island, then we only able to see the sun rise, so we snaps a lots photo whiles we waiting the Mr. Sun to come out :P. 7AM near. Arrgg fog too strong until blocking the sun rise… we missed it?, hahhaha we though so, but still able to see some of it while we having breakfast :P. what else? Snap picture !!
Image hosted by
The Sun We Waiting For >.<

0.0.7 Bang!! Arr!!
Huh? What is this? Well, is one of the game we play while we in Pangkor apartment, the game is depends on concentration, is it? Who the most blur will be the victim ,hahaha. What punishment will be given? Drink Carlsberg!! Hahahaha. So dun simply shout when someone pointing at you. hahahaha, or else u need to drink. We bought some alcoholics drinks from Carrefour. So is good to use it to play some games^^. All of use had a nice dream after the games :P
Image hosted by
The Red Shirt Guys is our Beer King .lolz~
Image hosted by
Everybody Went Into Their Dream Land~

Fish Farm
The fish farm is located middle of the sea, we need to boat to get to the place. The whole place is floating on the middle sea. And that’s the place where they raise the protected fish. Too bad most of the fish already been feeds, so we unable to see the exciting moment. Guess what , we found a doggy there, wow! it know how to swim doggy style :P
Image hosted by
Picture Taken in the Floating Fish farm

Crab Hunting!!
We did some crab hunting while we walking by the sea side. And found that a lot crab holes around. Kekeke. What we do? Dig holes hunt crab :P . we managed to snap few picture with the crab we caught . lol. pity crabby
Image hosted by
Crab Of The Day

Temple in Pangkor
Yeah ~ temples build in Pangkor islands. It had a very nice garden. With a lot of nice scence for us to snap more pictures: P there even MINI Great Wall of China can be found at the back of the temple. The place is nice, the building is nice ^^
Image hosted by

Speedboats Driving
Thanks for out snorkeling guide, letting us drive the speedboat on our self feel so good ^.^ another good experience ^^
Image hosted by
Alan Tam and Donny Tam : P , Alan Tam is our guide

Bye Bye Pangkor
The Last but not least, we went to some shop to grab some Souvenir before really going home ^^ picture taken before pur journey Ends.
Image hosted by
Everyone go back with big pack of pangkor speciallist food and Souvenir
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