The Return Of Don To Sandakan!

Sandakan! I'm Back!! how long i didn't come back to Sandakan already? a year over? i guess so, Donny once again step into sandakan. it changed quite a lots in this town. additional new roads, shopping complex(still incomparable to KL 1) i saw some new shoplots were builded near miles 6. i think will pick a day to go explore around there :P.

First i saw when i home, i saw my doggie, it hurt when they bark at me T_T, but when it come closer, i think it recognized me ^.^ my house own 2 doggie, 1 of it is mini size puppy ^^, another 1 is normal size doggie :P so glad they still remember me ^^

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My Cute Puppy~ Bobby ~~~XD. so excited when see me home :P

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Bobby~ Up! hehehe~ but sorry, nothing can eat 1. hahaha

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er... No Name, My parent get this dog after i go to KL for studies, didn't give name yet :P this 1 Very Naughty 1

Hmph.. nothing much change around my house, once i go into my room.. eh?? how come to empty already ?where my large bed? where my TV? where is cupboard? hmph.. my mom clean it already.. bah nvm.. it better for me also , my room look wider, larger~ ^.^ it brings back memories when i look at those Poster i stick on the walls. i used to collect poster before.

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What next? My Mom cooks, YUMMY!!!! i misss it sooo much~~!! long time didn't dining with my parent already^.^ it's great !! Gosh !! all my favourite Meal !! erm.. 1 more thing for sure~
hahahahaha, my mom sure mumbling at me, why? cause i never touch the vegetable. lolz, waht to do?? i'm a Vegetarians Reject Machine, yeah ~ No Vege!! hahaha, she said me didn't change at all :P
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