Kinabalu Mountain Conquered

Already 5 years since the last time i climbed to KK mount,last time is to celebrate the graduation of my high school. 5 years later today, i climb to the peak as a celebration of degree graduation.and it made me miss the view up there, beside, since i already come back to Sabah, why don't spend some times to go up there again? then i start to find my friend to go up there.too bad most of them unable to leave their work. so since i the most free around. i don't mind being alone going up there.so i just make a reservation and register myself then just go for it . yeah~

Team A and B, guess who in which team? i'm leader of Team A, rest of them is Team B. we decided to go together cause we were the only climber willing to take Masilau Trails.most of them is from KK.

taking some rest, this is how the way look like.

i'm same level with the cloud now~ horay~ plant around here is look like bonsai. very nice~ bonsai everywhere

My personal Guide and bodyguard. he guide me all the way up to the peak of Kinabalu mount. he look tough,his arm and leg muscle look scary.but he is a nice guy that help me a lot during this trip. oh almost forgot to mention. he is a good camera as well. lolz

see what behind me? yeah~ that my destination. i gonna leave my footprints on top of the mount. cloud suddenly move away and the mountain view were clearly shown. so take my camera and snaps!

Finally, i arrived the half mountain, here is the place i take a rest before continue the rest of the way. already 4:20pm once i reach there (start at 7:45am). already walk for 7.5KM from the place where we start. still left 3.5KM left then will reach the destination. but before that, must have a rest for myself. my leg cramp few times and troublesome for me to move on. take some rest and the trips continue on 2AM in the next day early morning

huh? what this? already arrived in destination? yeah~ cause 2Am in the morning, nothing much to see.save the battery for better view from top of the mount. took 2 bottle of livita for energy boost.:P arrived in the peak a bit too early, the sky still dark. 4:50AM already there, i had to wait till 6 AM only able to see the sunrise. what to do? after took this picture, i went backside of the signboard to find a place to sleep.lolz wait sunrise mar~ by the way, the star look clear and bright becasue of cloudless , where those cloud? under your feet. lolz

this photo show that FACE of the mountain, do you able to see it?i took this picture a bit too late. if not the face will be clearly show with the help of sunshine and shadows

One of the Nice View from the mount, i'm on my way down already, since my guide won't let me stay any longer up there. i always spend 1 hour and 30 minutes more up there.usually they only allowed them to stay for 15~20minutes, why? is very cold up there, my hand can't feel pain or anything cause too cold (wearing 2 gloves)

another nice view discover by my guide. this how rest of the 3.5KM from hut look like. no plants, just rocks

oh~no more thick jacket, no more gloves and mask. is time to go back. but i still on the half mount. those cloud were under my feet. i'm on top of those cloud. nice view from there^^

half way down, discovered a nice view! with the help of camera anman, i got this photo with me :P. i see plants again lolz.

Finally almost Finished my trip. here is the summit trail i took. i go up from right way (Masilau) of the Map straight to the top then go down to the left trail(timpohon) where i heading now is to the bottom left ends. yeah~ that where my Kinabalu Mount Climbing tril ends

Yeah~ that's it! i finish my mount climbing and back to the bottom of the mount.i remember my 1st mount climbing start here. most of the climber take this path to go up, why? Masilau still too new? Masilau 1.5KM far than this Timpohon? don't know, i took Masilau cause i not yet try that way.

Here what i got end of the trip, 3 cert that proved you reach the peak of the mount, Masilau New Trail to go up to the peak, and cert that proved i visited the nature of Kinabalu park? how about the tag? what does MA23? M= Malaysian, A= Team A,23 = 23th april. (001)? represent your the number in the team. how about the circles with D? what they told me is January = A, Febuary = B, March = C, and April = D. ok that is all about my Kinabalu Mount Climbing .^^

Buddy Vun Birthday!!

April 21st!! Don't know why, i always messsed up this date with some others date, and made my buddy mad at me lolz ^o^.kakakakaka, sorry ar~ dun angry :P but i never missed any of your birthday also rite ( is it? hope so ) talking about celebration, if i'm not mistaken this is the 1st time celebrating your birthday with you . after being from classmate to buddy so long :P hehehe, Happy or not ? kekeke, so long didn't meet with this buddy already , know what? still that naughty and like to bully me ~.~a haiyooo.. headache~.hahahha

here is my Buddy, the big big carrot+orange juice can gao dim by her alone, dun play play

Long long time no take picture with my buddy liao, sure take 1 lor.kekeke

Buddy ( yee vun ) , Lin Jin, and Shu yee.

Don With Ah Phen. less 1 guy, Doremon u join in .hahaha

Result Released

Everyone online and keep asking each other for their result, it should be released by tomorrow morning 9 am. i tried to login to check earlier, but it won't let me through . haih... then later on, i managed to log into the site. and managed to retrieved my result from there. i already expect i get the worst. and it come out as what i expect. well, what to do ? nothing else can change the truth. what to do? no choice but had to accept it.who ask myself being that lazy in the year of degree? hope i able to get throught this before i off to kinabalu mount climbing. but anyway, thanks to those who trying to cheer me up, i really Appreciate that . proud to have a friend like you .

Temple of Pu Ji

Temple of PUJI? ???(hope i didn't spell it wrongly), this is one of the temple that located in sandakan. I like the scence from up there, the temple is builded on top of mount, u able to see part of sandakan from there.nice huh ? :P.

Here is the Entrance of the temple.. should called it as gate

This is Entrance To the temple. kekekek, what i'm doing? i saw something.. kacak... my mom pressed the shutter already ~.~a

step more further~ Dragon Pillar which Holds the temple.:P ar.i wonder what is the unknow thing infront od f me?... mom..is your hand...~_~"

DON Pray Pray ar~ Don't Play play

This another temple builded few years back. arrg this temple got a lot stairs. this is 2nd temple, nothing interesting inside the new temple, so didn't take any photo there :P

this is the Another Stairs which is infront of the temple. Facing seaside. and down there is garden of this templeis a big garden.. too bad already closed and not for visit -_-

Sepilok!!Orang Utan!!

Saturday Again, this time i go Sepilok with my parents. hehehe, this time managed to get in.kekekeke went in 3:30 PMwakakakkaka. can see orang utan finally.lol, but lucky we managed to reach there in time, in time? yeah~ they feeding those Orang Utan. else.. u need to seek to see them. 4 PM close.. can't stay there longer than half an hour also ..

Signboard of the Sepilok!

hey dad~ slow down a bit lar, the park still open. hehehe

way to see Orang utan, need to go through this jungle 1st, just follow the path. oh ya.. that my mom.

finally reach the destination. kekekeke, wow~ so many people here. i though no body around already :SOrang utan, swing like tarzan, swing swing swing~ i want take photo!

At last.. found a place to sit down, Orang utan go far far liao ~.~ cannot see it clealy

Orang Utan!!! can see their sugarcane or not? kekekeke

New Digicam!!

My dad addicted to camera fever recently :S , few days ago i looking around camera shop to find a XD Card for my Olympus digicam. i have bad feeling that 16MB won't be enought for me to snaps around Kinabalu Park for coming next week. then i notice the XD Card for Olympus camera i have is extreamly expensive! (256MB for RM450? No Kidding!) what's going on? lousy digicam using high quality Cards? the digicam(previous) my dad bought about RM 500.. he gonna kill me if i tell him i'm going to buy a tiny card for RM450? maybe.. stockless in Sandakan? or Old price? almost give up and thinking to bring along my Tradisional Film Camera Along.

Suddenly i notice a camera selling the card for reasonable price. call my dad for agreement. guess what happen next? the shop owner and my dad were friend :S .so we managed to get it with lower price.. but then.. my dad focus on a digicam someone holding.., then the shop owner told us that is an 2nd Digicam(which i got it now :P) my dad seem interested, but i seen this camera somewhere else.. yeap, similar to chye digicam.

Next Morning.. i can't find the XD card dad bought.should be around there somewhere, Nevermind. ask him when he back home... i notice a box he bring back with. hahaha, he Did it!
HJe brings it Back Home. i can snaps more picture of KK mount next week .

once i saw the card. 512MB gosh~ slot in the card, on the camera, Maximum picture i can took is 55xx shots @.@(lowest Quality). and 2XX for (Best Quality) .now the capacity won't be the problem. just the battery of the Digicam.....

Here is the photo of New bought Canon IXUS 500 series.

Don Creation.(Carinfinity Logo Designing)

Eversince i come to sandakan, not much activities for me , so.. i saw some of them want some LOGO creation for the Cari Car forum, so i decided to take part of it. just post my work there will be done.but..i don't have photoshop install in my computer.cause i just formated my PC here... and the CD shop in sandakan holding Pork Knife 1.RM10 per cd.. New Game RM15.. RM15 for a CD? -_-" nevermind.... since GAN that crazy feller done all his picture work with MS paint.. i also want to give a try...

Well, the name of the logo must related to CAR and the NAME (Carinfinity ) with it. why ? cause is from CARI and related to CAR and Why INFINITY? me dunno... maybe the "I" gua. kekeke
ok here is my work below, using MS Paint only. so much much effet with it.(with photoshop also dunno how to add effect ~_~)

Anti P Idea, dunnowhy, the idea suddenly come . then i decided to make 1 for a joke :P not bad 1 i tell u , if you stick this on the CAR, Done Wrong thing on the road? they will forgive u cause of this logo (lolz)

Then the Modified from The Anti P. added more extra thing to make it more like a logo, before that really look like wrongly stick P licence.lolz

Another Creation of my work..Since Someone from the Forum Request for Class, Simple
so come out with this work. of course not fully my work lar.. reffer someone work then modify from it :P

and this is another Modified version done base on their suggestion , the side view of the car can see everywhere out there? what they request is wanted front view... look like a bit handicaped already..


Jaring Expensive lar

Gosh.. Last week just reloaded RM100 for the Jaring access fees, then this morning i realise i unable to online again ? why huh?? then only i notice that.... my account ... nagative figure >.<>0<. how ler? my dad sure scold me once he found out >.<>.<

Failed to Visit Orang Utan Today

Today planned to go sepilok to see those orang utan , too bad we were late >.< the sepilok open at 2 pm to 4 pm (weird, i remember they open in morning as well, how come they.. changed?) oh what to do? change of plan lor. then we go in the resort just beside sepilok to have a look and snaps some picture . if not really nothing else to do . all the way go there and realised it closed( the cari gathering laught ppl go at 4 pm which is End of gasthering.. but it happen on me .. arggg ).

garden of the resort. not bad huh? can you smell the fresh air ? hehehehe

part of the resort, surrounded by thouse trees. all this resort is like middle of a human work island in middle of a lake. environment really nice~ er.. here is about RM200 pernight.... so far all we meet here is white skin.. RM200 for them? sap sap water lar

My friends over there, Shu Yee,Thinking to pick those nice and colourfull flower?
haiyooo...run~ before she ask someone to do so. lolz

some of the building structure that i think nice~. everything is build by wood. why ? wood all around ~.~ easy resource mar~

here all my friend, from left is Shu Yee, Ah Phen, and Lin Jin. all working and only available on weekend . no choice ler, who ask me no job yet.

hmph... 3 lack 1, holding camera 1, faster come down ler.hahaha, resting in the resort restaurant.

reception counter, me and Lin Jin, someone take my camera play play :S

Sandakan Crocodile Farm

argg... Finally Saturday ^.^, finally got chance to go out with my sandakan friend today :P well. as the title shown, we been to sandakan crocodile farm :P. already quite a while that i didn't visit this farm already. so decided to go here to snaps some picture of those crocodile. i almost forgot it located in mile 8 , ops... :P

Here we are in the Sandakan Crocodile farm :P Entry go Go~ this is a SDN BHD.. which mean this crocodile farm actually is someone graden, someones live beside it. of course is the owner

hehhe, don sit, crocodile shout "help!!"
sorry dude, ops dile.. recently added some weight.

Crocodile Show on 4pm, phiew , lucky we on time :P, that is largest crocodile among all the crocodile in the crocodile farm. i heard the DJ said that this crocodile eldest in the farm. i tot they will put their head into the crocodile moutn tim~ dissapointed :P

Crocodile having sun bath~

there more of them~

Own Cartoon?

MSN 7 released 7/4/2005. yeah~ fewdays ago, and i found that some new feature included , so i decidede to give a try, and i made few my very own picture with it
here is the result :P

are these similar?? Ok lar -_-" the cartoon 1 more nice looking than me lar~. grr

Don While PLaying Guitar. (Pose only, No music 1)

Don Rushing FYP in APIIT, sorry ar~ rushing FYP no time take photo lar, but i think most of the time i dress like that :P

[Photo will be updated soon]
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