Cari Forum Gathering In TimeSquare

Gathering of Forum. of course i'm 1 of the membership of cari's forum.
the gathering were held in TimeSquare Starbuck 2nd floor. i tot is the starbuck inside the timesquare(near cinema) . actually the starbuck the organizer mentioning is the Entrance Starbuck... that day only i know that starbuck got 2nd floor ^o^.

The Forum Posted 80 member registered to attend the gathering , but end up with 18 member attended the gathering ~_~a. i wonder others member take plane fly to where already .... i found something interesting in this gathering. most of those who came. is 22yrs, all 1983's kaki.hahaha, even organizer. the gathering actually held in 26th march 2005. i just received the photo, so post it today here .

Vanue : Time Square StarBuck(T.S. Entrance) 2nd Floor ( at 1st i go starbuck inside to look for them, the starbuck inside time square, which nearby cinema)

Time : 12 noon to 4 pm (i 12:30 reach there i tot i'm late, never expect i'm the 1st arrived, soemone even 3:50 reach there and said"u guys start earlier already?=_=" ", he tot 4 pm start...)

this girl... forgot wat name already :P. she is the girl of the day, why? cause she keep avoid from the camera. then end up become every cameraman Target.wakakakakaka. don't look at me, i don't have camera that day.beside her is administrator of forum(certain section). zhi zhun bao(popular membership in and another girl there...she said passby 1 :S

Hey~, What on the table? Gift from Organizer.what's that? we'll coem back again later. start from left, she the "girl of the day" little sister. middle that 2 guy? dunno who, come late and leave early :S. the girl beside that guy ar .. er.. can't recall.... forgot ledi :P

hmph... looks familar... i wonder who is this huh? th e guy beside is call...shaolin Monk!? haha just a nickname in forum. Forum Diver(Read Only, No reply in forum.) i heard :P hey what on da table? STARBUCK!!! yummy~ where's mine??

Here come the Big Boss!! The Blue Shirt Guy is Organizer of this Gathering. he arr... show us picture of him 4 years ago.. ask we find him... 4 years change alot lar boss ~.~" the red shirt guy? who's him? our Camera man! his camera.. fuiyooo~ gin yao lor~ look very Pro 1.hahaha, very geng in secretly photograph. hahaha, he snaps a lot of "the girl of the day" silently :P even the 1st photo up there is the result (she not looking at the camera, but talking to someone:P) heard this guy got 3 camera with him, 1st is the pro pro look like camera :P, 2nd normal camera, 3rd is his HP camera lolz...

The Organizer again. and the Zhi Zhun Bao.

Neh~~ there is the Gift from Our Nice Guy organizer, he said is a rabbit lor, then it should be gua.. :P. we go there no entrance fees or registeration fees 1. he giving this to us totally free.hehe, and he told us that need about 30minute to make 1(after he familar with the way to make it) , i wonder is he really go to prepared 80 of this doll before that day? crazy man~ but i saw him open the NIKE shoe box ,oO" it full of those so call Rabbit in it... siao.....

Yo! who took my picture which i trying to take others??hahaha, eventhough only 18 person attended the gathering , but i see a lots of Camera there, about 5 and more. so what else? Camera WAR! u snaps Me i Snaps You! . hahaha, nowdays camera no need Film 1 :P(the way i holding digicam is because.. that camera no battery already... LCD turned On, used back manual way ~.~)
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