Don Creation.(Carinfinity Logo Designing)

Eversince i come to sandakan, not much activities for me , so.. i saw some of them want some LOGO creation for the Cari Car forum, so i decided to take part of it. just post my work there will be done.but..i don't have photoshop install in my computer.cause i just formated my PC here... and the CD shop in sandakan holding Pork Knife 1.RM10 per cd.. New Game RM15.. RM15 for a CD? -_-" nevermind.... since GAN that crazy feller done all his picture work with MS paint.. i also want to give a try...

Well, the name of the logo must related to CAR and the NAME (Carinfinity ) with it. why ? cause is from CARI and related to CAR and Why INFINITY? me dunno... maybe the "I" gua. kekeke
ok here is my work below, using MS Paint only. so much much effet with it.(with photoshop also dunno how to add effect ~_~)

Anti P Idea, dunnowhy, the idea suddenly come . then i decided to make 1 for a joke :P not bad 1 i tell u , if you stick this on the CAR, Done Wrong thing on the road? they will forgive u cause of this logo (lolz)

Then the Modified from The Anti P. added more extra thing to make it more like a logo, before that really look like wrongly stick P licence.lolz

Another Creation of my work..Since Someone from the Forum Request for Class, Simple
so come out with this work. of course not fully my work lar.. reffer someone work then modify from it :P

and this is another Modified version done base on their suggestion , the side view of the car can see everywhere out there? what they request is wanted front view... look like a bit handicaped already..

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