Failed to Visit Orang Utan Today

Today planned to go sepilok to see those orang utan , too bad we were late >.< the sepilok open at 2 pm to 4 pm (weird, i remember they open in morning as well, how come they.. changed?) oh what to do? change of plan lor. then we go in the resort just beside sepilok to have a look and snaps some picture . if not really nothing else to do . all the way go there and realised it closed( the cari gathering laught ppl go at 4 pm which is End of gasthering.. but it happen on me .. arggg ).

garden of the resort. not bad huh? can you smell the fresh air ? hehehehe

part of the resort, surrounded by thouse trees. all this resort is like middle of a human work island in middle of a lake. environment really nice~ er.. here is about RM200 pernight.... so far all we meet here is white skin.. RM200 for them? sap sap water lar

My friends over there, Shu Yee,Thinking to pick those nice and colourfull flower? before she ask someone to do so. lolz

some of the building structure that i think nice~. everything is build by wood. why ? wood all around ~.~ easy resource mar~

here all my friend, from left is Shu Yee, Ah Phen, and Lin Jin. all working and only available on weekend . no choice ler, who ask me no job yet.

hmph... 3 lack 1, holding camera 1, faster come down ler.hahaha, resting in the resort restaurant.

reception counter, me and Lin Jin, someone take my camera play play :S
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