Fishy Fishy~Welcome To My Home

Bored of stay at home everyday, so decided to go out have a walk out there. Where to go ? arr thinking to spend my time in book store. kakakaka. then my mom said get some fish back. i tot she ask me buy those fish for dinner ~.~. how i know how to buy wor~, i not going to Fish Market also. hahahaha, after she explained only i understood, Fish for aquarium. hmph. :S what fish to buy ? my choice ar? she also gave me 10 bucks to buy fish.

Haha, reach the destination, go find book store spend my time 1st. wakakakaka. then when feeling going home. i walk in some of the Fish Shops, 1st shop i walk in...... not much fish to sell... most of it is a Accessory shop.. haihz.. look for another shop.. i though i don't have any choice and must get from that shop tim. who know i found better 1. hmph.. i saw NEMO!! but is Sault Water Fish -_-"

this is the Water Colour Fish, from left is Pink, Blue(can't see clearly cause the blue is dark blue >.<), Green(cannot see cause back ground is green)

Then keep look for other.. wow.. Transparent fish? with colour on it wor~ look so special.. but the colour dosen't look natural, seem like water colour ,hahahaha yeah ~ it really do !! arr, decided to get this kind of fish. Blue~ Green~ Pink~ Yellow. kakaka, i took all kind of colour. ops... forgot look at the price.. RM5.50 each -_- hope can get discount gua.... i take 4 of the "watercolour" fish. RM5 each.. ok lor, other i add on ... before i go to the counter. wow angel fish ~ RM5 each.. er......want or not leh.. Look nice also wor... XD . decided to take also .took 2 angel fish home :P

the Angel Fish i Bought :D. i got 2 angel at home :P

RM30 fly~ >"<, sure my mom scold me if she know i spend RM30 for this fish, sure she said go restaurant pay RM30 for fish meal dinner better>.<. After I home few hours, my mom ask me... the fish i choose or the shop keeper choose? huh? Why ler? 1 of the fish dead >"<
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