Kinabalu Mountain Conquered

Already 5 years since the last time i climbed to KK mount,last time is to celebrate the graduation of my high school. 5 years later today, i climb to the peak as a celebration of degree graduation.and it made me miss the view up there, beside, since i already come back to Sabah, why don't spend some times to go up there again? then i start to find my friend to go up there.too bad most of them unable to leave their work. so since i the most free around. i don't mind being alone going up i just make a reservation and register myself then just go for it . yeah~

Team A and B, guess who in which team? i'm leader of Team A, rest of them is Team B. we decided to go together cause we were the only climber willing to take Masilau Trails.most of them is from KK.

taking some rest, this is how the way look like.

i'm same level with the cloud now~ horay~ plant around here is look like bonsai. very nice~ bonsai everywhere

My personal Guide and bodyguard. he guide me all the way up to the peak of Kinabalu mount. he look tough,his arm and leg muscle look scary.but he is a nice guy that help me a lot during this trip. oh almost forgot to mention. he is a good camera as well. lolz

see what behind me? yeah~ that my destination. i gonna leave my footprints on top of the mount. cloud suddenly move away and the mountain view were clearly shown. so take my camera and snaps!

Finally, i arrived the half mountain, here is the place i take a rest before continue the rest of the way. already 4:20pm once i reach there (start at 7:45am). already walk for 7.5KM from the place where we start. still left 3.5KM left then will reach the destination. but before that, must have a rest for myself. my leg cramp few times and troublesome for me to move on. take some rest and the trips continue on 2AM in the next day early morning

huh? what this? already arrived in destination? yeah~ cause 2Am in the morning, nothing much to the battery for better view from top of the mount. took 2 bottle of livita for energy boost.:P arrived in the peak a bit too early, the sky still dark. 4:50AM already there, i had to wait till 6 AM only able to see the sunrise. what to do? after took this picture, i went backside of the signboard to find a place to sleep.lolz wait sunrise mar~ by the way, the star look clear and bright becasue of cloudless , where those cloud? under your feet. lolz

this photo show that FACE of the mountain, do you able to see it?i took this picture a bit too late. if not the face will be clearly show with the help of sunshine and shadows

One of the Nice View from the mount, i'm on my way down already, since my guide won't let me stay any longer up there. i always spend 1 hour and 30 minutes more up there.usually they only allowed them to stay for 15~20minutes, why? is very cold up there, my hand can't feel pain or anything cause too cold (wearing 2 gloves)

another nice view discover by my guide. this how rest of the 3.5KM from hut look like. no plants, just rocks

oh~no more thick jacket, no more gloves and mask. is time to go back. but i still on the half mount. those cloud were under my feet. i'm on top of those cloud. nice view from there^^

half way down, discovered a nice view! with the help of camera anman, i got this photo with me :P. i see plants again lolz.

Finally almost Finished my trip. here is the summit trail i took. i go up from right way (Masilau) of the Map straight to the top then go down to the left trail(timpohon) where i heading now is to the bottom left ends. yeah~ that where my Kinabalu Mount Climbing tril ends

Yeah~ that's it! i finish my mount climbing and back to the bottom of the mount.i remember my 1st mount climbing start here. most of the climber take this path to go up, why? Masilau still too new? Masilau 1.5KM far than this Timpohon? don't know, i took Masilau cause i not yet try that way.

Here what i got end of the trip, 3 cert that proved you reach the peak of the mount, Masilau New Trail to go up to the peak, and cert that proved i visited the nature of Kinabalu park? how about the tag? what does MA23? M= Malaysian, A= Team A,23 = 23th april. (001)? represent your the number in the team. how about the circles with D? what they told me is January = A, Febuary = B, March = C, and April = D. ok that is all about my Kinabalu Mount Climbing .^^
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