New Digicam!!

My dad addicted to camera fever recently :S , few days ago i looking around camera shop to find a XD Card for my Olympus digicam. i have bad feeling that 16MB won't be enought for me to snaps around Kinabalu Park for coming next week. then i notice the XD Card for Olympus camera i have is extreamly expensive! (256MB for RM450? No Kidding!) what's going on? lousy digicam using high quality Cards? the digicam(previous) my dad bought about RM 500.. he gonna kill me if i tell him i'm going to buy a tiny card for RM450? maybe.. stockless in Sandakan? or Old price? almost give up and thinking to bring along my Tradisional Film Camera Along.

Suddenly i notice a camera selling the card for reasonable price. call my dad for agreement. guess what happen next? the shop owner and my dad were friend :S .so we managed to get it with lower price.. but then.. my dad focus on a digicam someone holding.., then the shop owner told us that is an 2nd Digicam(which i got it now :P) my dad seem interested, but i seen this camera somewhere else.. yeap, similar to chye digicam.

Next Morning.. i can't find the XD card dad bought.should be around there somewhere, Nevermind. ask him when he back home... i notice a box he bring back with. hahaha, he Did it!
HJe brings it Back Home. i can snaps more picture of KK mount next week .

once i saw the card. 512MB gosh~ slot in the card, on the camera, Maximum picture i can took is 55xx shots @.@(lowest Quality). and 2XX for (Best Quality) .now the capacity won't be the problem. just the battery of the Digicam.....

Here is the photo of New bought Canon IXUS 500 series.
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