Sandakan Crocodile Farm

argg... Finally Saturday ^.^, finally got chance to go out with my sandakan friend today :P well. as the title shown, we been to sandakan crocodile farm :P. already quite a while that i didn't visit this farm already. so decided to go here to snaps some picture of those crocodile. i almost forgot it located in mile 8 , ops... :P

Here we are in the Sandakan Crocodile farm :P Entry go Go~ this is a SDN BHD.. which mean this crocodile farm actually is someone graden, someones live beside it. of course is the owner

hehhe, don sit, crocodile shout "help!!"
sorry dude, ops dile.. recently added some weight.

Crocodile Show on 4pm, phiew , lucky we on time :P, that is largest crocodile among all the crocodile in the crocodile farm. i heard the DJ said that this crocodile eldest in the farm. i tot they will put their head into the crocodile moutn tim~ dissapointed :P

Crocodile having sun bath~

there more of them~
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