Sepilok!!Orang Utan!!

Saturday Again, this time i go Sepilok with my parents. hehehe, this time managed to get in.kekekeke went in 3:30 PMwakakakkaka. can see orang utan, but lucky we managed to reach there in time, in time? yeah~ they feeding those Orang Utan. else.. u need to seek to see them. 4 PM close.. can't stay there longer than half an hour also ..

Signboard of the Sepilok!

hey dad~ slow down a bit lar, the park still open. hehehe

way to see Orang utan, need to go through this jungle 1st, just follow the path. oh ya.. that my mom.

finally reach the destination. kekekeke, wow~ so many people here. i though no body around already :SOrang utan, swing like tarzan, swing swing swing~ i want take photo!

At last.. found a place to sit down, Orang utan go far far liao ~.~ cannot see it clealy

Orang Utan!!! can see their sugarcane or not? kekekeke
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