Temple of Pu Ji

Temple of PUJI? ???(hope i didn't spell it wrongly), this is one of the temple that located in sandakan. I like the scence from up there, the temple is builded on top of mount, u able to see part of sandakan from there.nice huh ? :P.

Here is the Entrance of the temple.. should called it as gate

This is Entrance To the temple. kekekek, what i'm doing? i saw something.. kacak... my mom pressed the shutter already ~.~a

step more further~ Dragon Pillar which Holds the temple.:P ar.i wonder what is the unknow thing infront od f me?... mom..is your hand...~_~"

DON Pray Pray ar~ Don't Play play

This another temple builded few years back. arrg this temple got a lot stairs. this is 2nd temple, nothing interesting inside the new temple, so didn't take any photo there :P

this is the Another Stairs which is infront of the temple. Facing seaside. and down there is garden of this templeis a big garden.. too bad already closed and not for visit -_-
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