Early Come BirthdayCake :P

hahaha, yeah yeah yeah, got my first Cake to eat jor :P. thanks wor Jen and her friend :P. yummy...look delicious wer ;d. kekekeke. hahaha,but ate too much just now, i think night time only man man dep :P.it should be delicious :P hope my brother or sister didn't eat it.thanks once again :P

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the two cake i received,Paradise cake house Production :P

Evening i received cake from wanyee(Thanks ya ^^), a very special piece of cake :P, never expect will receive cake unique like this^^hahaha, thanks thanks. today dinner is cake! tmr breakfeast is cake i guess so, hahaha,cake cake cake~ yummy :d. i really like this 1 :P

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Rolling cake with 2 strawberry XD. name of the cake also made me so touch ^-^.
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