Finish Java Training !!

phiew~ there goes the 2 week of Java training. sometimes i just don't like the lecturer. what his explaination will make life more complicated. i get more blur to follow his way.arr, eventhough he is Java Trainer. i feels like he just half pal of water. the code he gave never runnable at 1st compile, sure will left out something.gosh.. no choice.. i forgot almost everything about java as well. nevermind, everything is finish now.

2 week life without freedom. early morning 7 jump in my friend car to go KOMPAKAR. then evening 5Pm only finish trained. what i can say? the class room very very Cold!! some of my friend there wearing 2~3 jacket. pity Donny don't have any jacket >.<... yeah~ everybody keep shaking inside. hwahaha, the Trainer seem not feel cold. maybe he fats keep him warm :P

beside that, i found that.. this KOMPAKAR really look like a TARCIAN gathered company. most of them are TARCIAN, and i also don't know why. Another TARC in PJ.ahhaha,beside that , infront of the company is UTAR already .lolz. not bad, can make more friend there, my
classmate all so friendly,funny as well :P glad to know them.wish i get selected and see them in there again :P
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