Foong San Birthday~

15th birthday girl
after the birthday celebration at morning, now is the 2nd birthday celebration for another friend. hehehe, she one of my coursemate in apiit.she seem like surprize for the celebration? hahaha, almsot 20 of her friend include us attend there. the vanue is kinda nice due to environtment , include live birthday song as well.hahaha. anyway , happy birthday foong san ^^

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cake~,yummy~ birthday girl and the cake. ^^

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part of the firend who attend, too many ppl already, cannot fit into 1 photo. lolz
derreck?me, fui san,wanyee,huei chee,someones BF, behind that 2 is mon siong and..(sorry forgot again)><
infront ist he birthday girl and her boy lor.kekeke
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