1st Day On Job

2 day after the convocation,(why keep on 2 day after?i also no idea.haha). yeah~ that right, today 1st of june, is my 1st day of work.

Ok, wonder how is my 1st day of work?? let start at once i step into the company, wow~ everybody were busy filling some applicaiotn or personal details form, oh god... forgotten the 3 piece of photo, arrr. lucky can resubmit later on. phiew... i almost didn't bring everything important.just remember to bring my bank book (lolz)

after sign the contract with 6 month probation. and she start to explain everything about the comapny? nope, just HR section. bla bla bla,company policy~ then after all the contract were collected. she asked us to wait.

wait.. wait.. wait.. few hour passed... and still wait.. (what are we waiting for actually?don't ask me i DON't know) then our big boss came, Mr.Chiew~ what the 1st thing he said it. "Sorry, your office in still not ready yet", oO" so what to do ? "take ur time and enjoy while u still can". whahaha, sit down at lobby and chit chat what ever pass by. hahaha, maybe too noisy? someone actually throw some work for us to do, happy? Table Carrier...go down to basement and take the table all the way up to our office(4th floor), wah lau eh~ some table need up to 5 guys to carry it, can imagine how heavy they are?

after take all the table up to 4th floor, wait a minute? what those girl do? they polishing the table we carried all the way from basement to 4th floor, (wah lau~ guy become Gulei, Girl become Ah 4)hahahaha,got apply wrong job or not?? finished the table? back to lobby, sit down and chi chat again, some even take out their handphone and start playing the game.(can imagine how free we are..) when times come to 6PM, yeah~ go home. hwahahaha i heard this situation will last time 1 week?i mean nothing to do. why? cause office not yet welll arrange, PC not yet arrive from DELL? and cable and power supply not yet well managed. hahhaha

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Suzanne said...

Hey your job seem to be interesting :P
Normally what I heard from others for the first week you will be very free nothing to do. After that, the bomb will arrive :P So good luck ya! By the way what is your company name and wat post you actually applied to? Izzit really a Gulie post? :P

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