Proton Savvy

friday i were late for working >"<, so missed chye car and go by LRT, when arriving the company. i saw a banner with PROTON SAVVY. wow? got show room nearby my company? good, lunch time go and have a look. kekeke, well. ah kwang and chye go with me to there. heard a lots of complain very far, hahaha(maybe i used to walk ?).

few minutes later, the proton savvy were infront of us. hmph.. well, not bad for the design? at least look unique and dosen't look like copy of any car out there? let go for interior? alamak... look very plastic.... even the door opener? wa lau, feel like going to break anytime when u open the door. lousy plastic again. then go to see the front. lookin at da engine? engine not the point. front bumper.. large piece of plastic... my friend (chye) said it albe to break by pressing it, gosh?

what do i think of this car? 1:1 BANDAI CAR MODEL.. made of plastic. pay RM42k to buy a piece of plastic? come on~, but what i heard from the test drive, the car pay more effort to stablity of driving?and 1 more thing. proton "Savvy", is it mean "Save Me"?
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