My Natural Keyboard Spoled!!

i been searching for this keyboard for years before i could own it. cause it had been discontinued by microsoft..(lucky now still have.. but ...kindda exp >"<) . i love the unique shape. want to train my typing skill few years ago. and i used to the shape (i know.. cacat shape.. my friend and brother's always complain about it), but i like it ar.kekeke . haih.. but now... cannot type anymore...look like this weekend had to get myself another new keyboard..i wish i could get back the same model.. haih.. need to hunt around ~.~
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haih.. it won't function anymore... T_T

Eason in Bukit Jalil !!!!

Eason Eason Eason~~ hahaha, heard that my friend got ticket of his signature fans gathering. so.. since i like some of his song~ of course won't miss the chances :P. hmph... it held in Bukit Jalil.Funny, eventhough we HAD the ticket. but we still stand outside the range to see :P why?? coz inside the ticket zone is overheated. whahaha rather stand outside and watch him though the projected screen :P funny eason.. laugh maker. haha sometimes sot sot dei 1. lol
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haih.. i run into the ticket zone(no security block me) and zoom as close as possible with my digicam >"<> Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Eason singing his last and new song(夕陽無限好). a very nice song~..very glad that my camera battery can capture this picture after the autoshow(same day)most of my battery gone in the afternoon autoshow

Malaysia Autoshow 2005!

cars..... XD..... yeah~~ long time i have been wait for this event.. head that held in singapore few month ago (or last year?). finally back to malaysia yeah~~~ Get the Digicam Fully Reloaded!
Dream cars..here i come~XD.. cannot drive also want touch! wakakkakakaa

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Blue Blue SKYLINE GTR-34 and the 2 tone colour Toyota MR2. yeah~ blue blue skyline nice :P. wish to drive 1 home . wahhaha. i know i know.. Don Dreaming~~

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Ferrari!!!! Enzo Somemore!!! the limited edition of ferrari! heard that need about 1mil USD? beside money, u still need to be CHOSEN by them to own this car. the buyer must own "A" or "MORE" ferrari before they purchasing this limited model. i heard only 1 available in malaysia.. yeah~~!! this dream car not only seen on magazine XD... er.... wei faster snap lar! security coming ledi. is illegal going inside geh

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Fully Carbon Fibre Lamborghini Murcielago!!! this car arr!!! Another nice car to dream of. hwahahha. most atractive is the Vertical Door.Trade mark of Lambo. Cool! haih.. wish to go in sit sit.. but blocked liao >"

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another interesting car i found in the autoshow. yeah!!! INITIAL D!!!! TRUENO AE86!! hahah act act become Fujiwara Takumi :P. hoi hoi hoi! give face a bit lar~ dun throw thing to me lar >"<. sell taufu~, deliver taufu~. [dreaming deliver taufu to genting everyday morning lolz]

My 1st Night at Komp@kar..

hmph.. my 1st Overnight Exprience in Komp@kar hahaha. guess wat?? no extra pay.. work for free... somemore is overnight ~.~... neh~ my boss lor... sunday want us go back company work.. to rush out a system prototype :S.. then no choice lor... we 10am already arrived in company.. and work and work and work @.@ suppose 5 pm can go back liao geh.. mou lala boss said dabao dinner for us... *Glup...* haih.. know can't run away liao ... we tot she will ask us to work late.. but never expect she will said..."Sorry lor, no choice we had to stay untill the work is done." @.@a...

erm.. well.. we try to enjoy lor.. after 8 pm , everyone gone Mad. whahaha, the true form of us will be shown :P. things unexpected will appear. everyone will be sot sot dei :P no choice lor, the boss not allowed us to listen MP3(sot geh) then we try to find another way to release stress lor.hahaha things like exploring the building early in the 2am. hahaha, most of the main light had been off :P. interesting .lolz.. but what lucky is our group are very friendly, hahaha. but OT still no FUN. wahaha of course wish to go back if possible. but we only managed to get home on monday 4 PM ~.~ haih.. tuesday still need to come early in the morning...
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