Eason in Bukit Jalil !!!!

Eason Eason Eason~~ hahaha, heard that my friend got ticket of his signature fans gathering. so.. since i like some of his song~ of course won't miss the chances :P. hmph... it held in Bukit Jalil.Funny, eventhough we HAD the ticket. but we still stand outside the range to see :P why?? coz inside the ticket zone is overheated. whahaha rather stand outside and watch him though the projected screen :P funny eason.. laugh maker. haha sometimes sot sot dei 1. lol
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haih.. i run into the ticket zone(no security block me) and zoom as close as possible with my digicam >"<> Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Eason singing his last and new song(夕陽無限好). a very nice song~..very glad that my camera battery can capture this picture after the autoshow(same day)most of my battery gone in the afternoon autoshow
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