Malaysia Autoshow 2005!

cars..... XD..... yeah~~ long time i have been wait for this event.. head that held in singapore few month ago (or last year?). finally back to malaysia yeah~~~ Get the Digicam Fully Reloaded!
Dream i come~XD.. cannot drive also want touch! wakakkakakaa

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Blue Blue SKYLINE GTR-34 and the 2 tone colour Toyota MR2. yeah~ blue blue skyline nice :P. wish to drive 1 home . wahhaha. i know i know.. Don Dreaming~~

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Ferrari!!!! Enzo Somemore!!! the limited edition of ferrari! heard that need about 1mil USD? beside money, u still need to be CHOSEN by them to own this car. the buyer must own "A" or "MORE" ferrari before they purchasing this limited model. i heard only 1 available in malaysia.. yeah~~!! this dream car not only seen on magazine XD... er.... wei faster snap lar! security coming ledi. is illegal going inside geh

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Fully Carbon Fibre Lamborghini Murcielago!!! this car arr!!! Another nice car to dream of. hwahahha. most atractive is the Vertical Door.Trade mark of Lambo. Cool! haih.. wish to go in sit sit.. but blocked liao >"

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another interesting car i found in the autoshow. yeah!!! INITIAL D!!!! TRUENO AE86!! hahah act act become Fujiwara Takumi :P. hoi hoi hoi! give face a bit lar~ dun throw thing to me lar >"<. sell taufu~, deliver taufu~. [dreaming deliver taufu to genting everyday morning lolz]

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JDM Aero said...

That's a Bayside blue R34 GTT, not a BNR34 GT-R.


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