My Natural Keyboard Spoled!!

i been searching for this keyboard for years before i could own it. cause it had been discontinued by microsoft..(lucky now still have.. but ...kindda exp >"<) . i love the unique shape. want to train my typing skill few years ago. and i used to the shape (i know.. cacat shape.. my friend and brother's always complain about it), but i like it ar.kekeke . haih.. but now... cannot type anymore...look like this weekend had to get myself another new keyboard..i wish i could get back the same model.. haih.. need to hunt around ~.~
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haih.. it won't function anymore... T_T

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namcu said...

hahaha..i got that type of keyboard..STILL works Perfectly! and im using it Right Now! the only difference is the arrow keys and insert,home,page up,delete,end, and page down buttons are place like the normal keyboards i bet u wish U had it..Dont Cha!!! unless u actually found another one..then YEEAA we both got one..oh and my friends hate it too..LOL

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