Happy Birthday Sisi & Khoon!!

aiyoo.. Augt so many ppl birthday woh~ here come another 2 birthday boy and gal.hehehe, where will it be this time?? wow wow cafe.. Hartamas. :P a restaurant opened by local artist (ah niu) but didn't see him around that day ~.~... environment not bad.. jut limited food >"<.. mostly go there listen music gua.. hehehe Image hosted by Photobucket.com
infront of the wow wow cafe before raining. hehe we moved in later on after start to rain.

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Happy birthday to Khoon and Sisi!! kekek eh??both 1 yearsold?? or 10 yearsold?? kekekeke OH~ is a unique and surprize ! hahaha this 2 feller made lots of birthday wish and blowed the candle for few times. whahaha

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The Birthday Celebration group!. whahaha here is everyone who attend the birthday celebration. another nice gathering after graduation as well. :P
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