Merdeka!! Merdeka!!!米跌價!!米跌價!!
hahahaha, why so excited?? :S i also dunno, they shout i mar shout lor~
why pula?? 型 lor~(take from : Initial D)
how i go through this day?? hmph.. well.. last few years always go sgwang or KLCC to view close range of firework(it really nice, and KLCC also is the place where i lost my Phone >"<) , haih. since no one suggested to go out for celebration. so this year i go to Menara Alpha 18 floor to enjoy the firework. lucky didn't went out this year.. stingy government limited the fireworks. just few place able to see the firework.. if i not mistaken. KLCC don't have firework this year. just starhill fired firework..(at least better than nothing .hehe) there goes the firework. :P sorry. didn't bring camera that day. no photo available :P
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