Tiara Tow From Sungai Way to Wangsa Maju.

haih.... a worst time for me .... i was on the way back from sunway pyramid after meeting with my ex-classmate , believe or not,i'm driving very slow that time (i know i know, i'm reackless driver all the time). it was raining heavily that time. and the water cover some part of the road.. and i ran over it and i notice i were off track. once i back to the track.. i feel like my car lost it balance. i can't feel anything at front right tyre. gosh.. middle of heavy rain and my car were breakdown. i have no idea how to change the tyre. what to do? people learn during critical monent. step by step i try to figure out how each of those THING work. pity henry ,friend of mine, had to help me changed the tyre. i guess he know Tiara Car structure very much now. haha.

great, after almost 1 hours, we successfully changed the tyre.. another problem raised... the spare tyre also air-free.... lucky a tow truck passby and tow us to nearest Mobil station till fillin air.. Pssssssss.. that what i heard after filling th air.. >"< . then i start to look for replacement tyre. who know.. the tiara rim is LIMITED EDITION rim. why? cause it only have 3 Nuts hole. i have no choice but had to ask the tow guy to tow me all the way back to wangsa maju.. haih.. kena DIOK again >"<

Park at Tyre Shop. waiting for Next day tyre replacemnt. what to do next day? On leave lor.. already 2 am. sure will later for work. take a day to rest and made eveything settle .
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