Bought my new phone !! YEAH!!!

After 3 month watching for this model.. since the price dosen't drop much(increase summore , due to insulficient Stock around the world?).. haih.. hand itchy to grab one of this home.everyday login and for latest price checking. this phone did pull my attention.and... at last... i'm lost end up i'm holding this big bulk phone now. ^.^, statisfy, i got more time to surf others website instead of and :P.

Since my phone is intergrated with GGG. wat is GGG? is it Gao Gao G(Sleep)? whahaha, 3G lar :P . so .. i decided to give a try. ahah since maxis provide free simcard upgrade for the 3G phone owner. what i'm waiting for? apply lor. but.. a bit regret.. my phone will take up more battery consumtion when i step in 3G coverage area.and... i dunno how to switch the 3G mode off ~.~..and in previous time.. slowly load the wap pages, and ur phone credit deduct slowly. and what the diff in 3rd Generation? 3G 4~5time faster? yeah~ 4~5 faster credit deduction from ur phone as well >"<. GPRS took 5 sec to load a RM1 page and 3g used 1sec to load the RM1 page.

Upgraded to 3G simcard :P
ok.. here what accompany me for 4 years. my precious phone :P yeah retired finally.hornestly~ i love this phone. classy.metal feel casing. when under air cond area. hold it in hand like holding an ice :P cold enough.even the feature is less compare to others phone. and... without polifony ringtones..kindda sienz lar, who carez. as long it feel nice :P. i really like the opening mechanize.i bough 2 of this phone. why? T__T sad.. 1st 8910 was stolen when i go KLCC countdown. how? 5..4...3..2..1..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!, then my phone were pick pock by some malays pork (pick pock pork).so... saw someone selling cheap then i get another 8910i set..sob sob.. (that why i dun want change phone for 4 years). but 4 years jor.. it start giving me problem. haihz.. no choice lor. had to let it retired jor. b4 it scratches(hardly scratch cause hard enough , unless u go klang eat crab and knock crab shield with titanium cased 8910 lol).

my 4 yearsold retired 8910i

pretty statisfy with my new w900i. ^^ now i able to watch my downloaded anime on my phone . COOL!! but... i need to get a Memory Stick Pro Duo .. but not this month... coz i really broked.T__T
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