Don'z Leave some footsteps in Redang!

At last! don went to Redang ^.^ a nice trip, with bunch of crazy friends. hahaha

yeah~ this is the 1st photo took once we arrived in redang islang, the 1st impression it gave me is ... the sea water clarity is very clear. damn clear!!. can see through the coral from the boat. cool~ all those fishy swiming around. is kinda cool.

here is the crazy feller i go redang with. surprizely i'm not the only 1 came from sabah.hahaha,the half naked guys is my friend housemate. kinda crazy, kinda funny. hwahaha
nice to meet u pal.

yeah~ Relaxing~ listening to sound of the ocean~ bird voice, cool.... suddenly... phone ring >"<....... lucky not my boss call for emergency leave reason. whahahaha

hmph... the sign board look similar?? yeah ~ it was once used as a movie background on sammie cheng movie.. one of the trade mark in Redang no photo with this INN, dosend't mean u been to redang isalnd :P

That's Conclude the Trips., Don Leave some word's behind, before don step on board and leave the redang island.23.4.2006

well.. compare to Tioman.. eventhough Tioman water clarity is not that clear compare to redang water clarity. but tioman number of tioman fish more than redang. and hunger fish are all around(maybe redang fish already feeded by others before i been there >"<), but anyway, the underwater scence are really cool. but... i don't have thsoe photo with me... too bad.. god bless, pray pray hope they mail me the photo they had..

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