haih.. big farewell.....

well.. my company seem like eat wrong pills's or wat. few months before ask us to sign a contract and bond to tied us for 18 months to work under the company. and no need to bothers about coming soon economy crisis? crap. now retresctment is happening. even bond staff will be released(wish i'm 1 of them). about 40+- ppl were released in 1st filtering.. everyone going to leave my kompany in april 14th. guess what. i don't know which group to join for farewell.
some groups go klang for seafood,some go redbox for karaoke, some go for yumcha session. and some i don't even know where they go.

well.. i join 2 group for farewell. :P should say 2 activities. during lunch hours just went out for lunch is.. a restaurant. yummy yummy :P nice food, fast delivery as well. but forgot wat name. wahhaaha. can guess who's leaving and who's staying?

and redbox session after working hours. cool. sing from 8pm to 1 am. voice also gone. hahaha. Mic Mic Mic~ i want Mic~~!!!
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