I'm Mr.Tiara.. No More

My Tiara,

i being famous driving my cousin Tiara in my kompakar. why? cause i'm the only Tiara Driver. and always reckless driving and fly here fly there. believe some of the reader knews how is my driving style ? hehehehe. well.. soemone even called me as Mr.Tiara ~.~.. alamak.....

ok ok , why i'm no more Mr.Tiara?? coz.. the Tiara finally returned to my cousin. and now i'm driving my new wira to work everyday . hehehe. but..very very unfamilar with the wira.. longer engine room, longer rear bonet. ~.~ b4 my tiara is short head short tails. easy to sip here sip there. lol. now ar.. haih.. new car mar.. need to queue long long. need to guai guai wait the queue move... and i were told not to drive more than 80~.~ damn slow,. (now driving below 100km/j :P)

My New Wira

well.. quite statisfy with the new wira (so far). maybe is migrating from Tiara to Wira? hahahaha.and feel the power diff between Tiara and Wira . lolz.just... fuel consumption feel like a bit heavy + the 30 cent increse for very liter of petrol ~.~.. really killing me..will used to it gue.. (hope so)

what i expect is.. faster the engine run in, can't wait to go genting drift drift :P. whahahaha
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