Zhng My Wira..

wish to Zhng Something on it.. what will it be??

a Wira Projector Headlight. Damn Coolz. but.. the price... damn high .... ~.~ bored of those Yellow colour light. if possible to get one of these, add on with White HID light. + Custom Mod Angel Eyes(just like BMW). damn cool , i just saw 1 of the picture from www.zerotohundred.com.
well.. the price.. again.. my obstacles . haihszz

hmph... i found this player in kepong Eneos. exactly same as my current CD player. :P
exhanged with my cousin with Wira Original Cassate PLayer . lol... too bad no MP3 support. nvm as long it's Free. i'll upgrade it once i have some cash on my hand $$$$
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