Komp@kar Borgchat

what is this??? let me tell you, a LAN chatting system which given name as "BORGCHAT", is very very very simle chatting system.why i bring this borgchat to this blog? cause i always use this tool to Disturb others.LOL,almost everyone in kompakar installed this chatting system in their workstation.
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for those Ex-Kompakarian might know.when i just entered this company.. the list shows 70++ user in the list.now.. just left 2 user ~.~.......where's others? wel.. become "EX" already.. miss old time .... from 70++ to 50++,30++, then 10++ now left only 2-.-... i wonder when i can out of the list as well :P

* another reason is because all staff can online in YM or MSN. all leave this thigns back.
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