Micheal Wong Concert Countdown!!

Yeah~~ Lai See Sms me said i can collect all the Ticket!! yeah. Sept 30!! At Last!!
Micheal Having his Concert in Malaysia.. Cool~ i missed the Disband Concert of Micheal Victor Last Concert(光良品冠) before they st art releasing Single Ablum. until now.. didn't see any concert of them, Regret didn't have chance to attend that concert. luckily he start a concert this year.i believe this will have a lots of fun this time :P

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yor?? so many ticket?? i bring whole Family go ar??whahahah, no lar~ my help my colleague Friends buy(all i dunno is who) i only OWN 1 ticket from there. whahaa

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SEPT 30 faster come. wahahahha, just went to JJ concert, now counting down for Micheal concert :P

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William K said...

Hai let know where can i buy the ticket as well? If possible i want to know which website that sell the concert ticket since i'm not at KL at the moment. Thanks.

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