Legend Of Jacky

Here am I going to write something about my pet. My dog, I always wanted to write something about my dog. Even though I always said I love cats. But I can’t have a cat at home. Else u will see my nose red like clown nose, yeah my nose sensitive to cat’s fur and I will hugging the cat most of the time: P. My family just allowed having dogs at home.

What I’m going to focus today is 1 of my dog “Jacky”. My family raises it from a puppy till it grown up. Jacky leave the Best memories with me. Well, Jacky very cute while it still a puppy. Long furry puppy, look like a life doll. I take extra care on it. Then once it grown up, it look a bit like snow dog, just it fur is brown and black like a wolf, similar to those police wolf dog.

Since my dad working in estate, so we have Jacky inside the estate. And one day I had to shift to town and my dad remain working in estate. And my dad don’t have times to feed Jacky.. I was damn sad and had to give away Jacky to someone else. My dad give it to a Security guard who in charge opening the estate gates.

During weekends. Father will come and brings us back into estate. So I have chance to meet Jacky every time we pass by the gates. And. Once I shout “Jacky!” Jacky will show up for sure, that what I always do when stopping at the gate. I feel very touching that Jacky will run toward my viewable sight and swinging it long fury tails strongly.

And it will chase my dad cars when my dad leaving the gate. And I was always watching it, Jacky always tried to follow my dad’s car to go back to it previous home. But, my house that time is a bit far from the estate gate. (Should say very far), for so many times. It unable to follow us back. And every time I was watching it chasing and try to follow then give up.

One day Jacky didn’t show up in the gate. Then the security told me Jacky was missing for few days. And my mom predicts something happen to Jacky. I was damn upset and sad. Is it?? I plan to take Jacky back during. But then next week after the case. My dad called and said that he was shock that found Jacky is back to my dad side. I was glad that Jacky were found. Jacky were successfully find it way back to its home. Jacky also wish to come back to us.

But. My dad also sends it back to security guard once again. At least someone able to feed Jacky. And after that case, I guess Jacky recognize the rout to go back. So sometimes my dad will see Jacky appear around the house.(it missed home so much that I can see), and my dad send it back few times to the security . I don’t know is it that the reason? We finally shifted. Basically just me and my mom, we shifted to a house with some place .we able to bring Jacky to stay with us. Yeah. Jacky was back to our side. Once again can play with Jacky once again: P. it always follows me no matter where I go. Just like my bodyguard. If I not allowed it to follow it will bark as loud as it can. Sometime quite headache also.

During secondary school. I have been transfer to Sandakan to continue my study and my dad no longer stay in estate, so Jacky also follow us to Sandakan. I notice it not active as before, I called it name even though it still will come to me, but if different. but my neighbors also likes Jacky, their family members always feed them once a while. And It been so many years Jacky accompany with me. Can say it accompany my primary and secondary school life. Jacky is old. I guess.

Nothing happen until I notice Jacky missing for few days. It rarely goes out and always stays at home most of the time. Then I start looking for it, but I failed. Until my mom ask what I’m looking for. Then she only tells me she found Jacky in somewhere while morning jogging it just look like resting peacefully in a unnoticeable place. It happen so sudden, and I heard someone told me, dog won’t want it master to feel sad, and it will be disappear rather then let the master know that they left the world. And Jacky find somewhere else to hide from me.

Ever Since then,jacky no longer around me. the house just a bit too quite.sometimes i will accidently shouting Jacky to come near me, i used to do that often.and now, nothing will come to me. everytimes i remind of the time i bath jacky,feed jacky,play with jacky,moment with jacky..tears will watering my eyes.thanks for the memories.. Jacky..

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Jyrenze said...

ooh so sad the story, but at least you were able to keep him until he was old

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