As Good As New ^.^a

Yeah ~ i send my wira to my Cousin friend shop to get it fix. supossed to fall in saturday, but.. i saw the crashed place starting to rust. so i changed my mind and send to fix ASAP. took my Emergency LEave(not apply yet :P) , and then send the to the workshop.. that it.. i'm stucked in kepong for whole day... Gosh... went to jusco, cyber cafe. bookshop just to kill my times. there goes my leave and a day.

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here is how my wira look like. eh?? nothing wat.. smooth :P yeah~ T__T my wallet also as thin as new.

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this is the how my wira look before....sad sad.. blur blur go bang tiang ..

but once i done it. the worker there come and tell me... my wira got 2 more place LIP jor... haih... but hardly noticeable cause it is located below the door part, near tyre.. guess next time only going to fix that. nowdays... dried dried..T___T

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while on my way home.. suddenly thunderstorm. wow.. can't even see the batu cave... and.. did you every FEEL the heat of lightning?? i think i did... or just my over sensitive?? light strike nearby? suddenly i feel there a heat coming from rear left. how does that feel? switch on ur headlight, stand close to ur headlight. guess u can feel the heat rite? that how i feel. luckily i'm still alive

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