Ouch~!! >"< My lovely Wira Butt Lost it Shape T..T

haih... careless... what else i can say? when i arrived in office.. i don't know why today i try to park my car beside the tiang. haih.. and i look carefully and try not to touch the Myvi parked on my left side... who knows... *CRASHED* OMG!!! crash happen in right side T..T , arrr my lovely wira... what can i do?? T_T... should try to park beside my manager next time. anything happen can say "nvm , his car is more exp than mine. his repair cost more. LOL"

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this is what my WIRA look like AFTER... haih....

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Close up View....this sure hurts T___T. any solution for it??

anyone got any solution or any nice handcraft Mahgat guy can intro to me??? wish to fix this A.S.A.P... feels hurts everytime i look at it ...*crying without tears* :(
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