Happy Birthday to my 3rd Mom. :p

happy birthday to siew weng~~~hahaha, sorry ar, i greet her in wrong day few days back :P, forgoten that is early celebration for her.3rd mom? other ppl got 3 wife i got 3 mom. we celebrate in alpha angle "The Egg House", hope she won't mind cause i suggest this place.. kinda dissapointed place.(KFC food nicer) somemore clashed with buka puasa.. most of the shop (even shop owner also malay) is filled with malay. kinda weird..

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here is her square little birthday cake. lots of chocolate. hahaha, hey~ i saw sitohbehlei on top of it. whaahhaa. but i dun want.kakakka. yeah~ my 3rd mom still very young gar~. hahaha

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Singing birhtday song~ look so enjoyed and happy . hwahaha guess this is first and last time i spend my meal in the Egg house. but luckily birthday MOM look happy. hwhahaha, i wonder if she got any complained on the food or not? hawhaha.
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