Malaysia Hazzy Envinronment again

Yeah~ Again... It happen again.. Malaysian look like surrounded with London Mist. Cool huh? but is warm mist and doesn't feel well eposed too long out there. Indonesia started to BBQ their Forest again.. haih..good things is you can have LondobnMist View in malaysia. but... believe me, u won't want to stay outside romance foe so long. else u maybe u get to know a new friend. "Doctor" why? cause u going to yumcha with him/her a lot LOL. ok. here all the scence i took while i travel somewhere.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting here is the photo before i depart from my house, absolutely hazzy. usually can see genting highland from here. but now... white white geh. blur blur geh. very mysterous. received a called from dad. had to cancelled all my plan and fetch my mom and dad to seremban,melaka,kajang. going to be a long journey...

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wow~ blur blur~the haze become more worst this 2 days. the actual view look more blur. don't know why my phone can't capture it clearly.(funny huh? try to capture a blur photo) hahaha. ar? no no , i'm not the one who capture this photo. my dad helped me to do so. both my hand is placed on my steering wheel and gear knob

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coincident.. happen. can't even believe i got the same plate number asmy uncle motor. hahaha. they told me to inform them if i want to sell off my car. why ? they want the plate number. wahahaha. and they said this number always apear in gambling ? Toto, 4D,3+1D bla bla. i dunno. but my mom said she won RM60 buying my plate number. hahaha. i drove the Tiara (6140) and my new wira (6362), who knows. 1 laters 6362 come out in toto? and 6140 come out in another section. daimacai ot 4D . i not sure. whahaha, my cousin said i got luck, then i ask him borrow me his Mercedes , so his plate number can come out in paper. whahaha, which section i not guarantee. lol

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ok~ is nite time. time for me to go back.? no no i'm heading kajang to look for my Big Brother, here i am. whole day exposed to romantic weather. it look so nice when night falls. yellow blury colour make it feel so romantic, feel like i'm driving in london. along with my lovely.......
mother and father . hahhaa :P
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