REDLINE [Fast and Furious With Exotic]

i just notice this movie from 1 of the HongKong Forum. i impressed with this coming soon movie. this movie involved LOTS of super exotic Sport car. damn... that's another RACING MOVIE after Fast and Furious :tokyo Drift. can't wait till this movie to shown on cinema.

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what car u can see in this movie?? everything car lover dream about. Ferrari Enzo,Lamborghini murcielargo ,Porsche carrera GT,Mclaren SLR, Ford GT, Saleen 7, you name it u see it.all can be seen in the movie. and all the Exotic is sponcer by 1 single owner.. Daniel Sadek.. oh my god....
FEBUARY 23... faster come please....

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the most Crazy stunt in the movie.. yeah you Wheck a Porsche 1500 unit Limited Edition Carrera GT just for the movie. what you see here is not CG(computer Graphic) or any added effect. is real crash... GOSH... don't want the car just give me lar~. haihz..

Here are the video capture from enjoy the Awsome Movie trailer~
hope you like it.

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