Welcome SAMSUNG, Goodbye PHILIPS

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Tada~~~ here's my new toy, new samsung SyncMaster 940bw. 19" widescreen LCD monitor :P just bought it yesterday after my Philips CRT monitor certified KONG on Chinese New Year EVE. now i have more space for my messy desktop :P

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things Goes WIDE than before, it's COOL when watching movie with widescreen type.

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here's my previous CRT monitor bought on 2000. at last it certified KONG.i guess the Width control thingy Barbecued due to overheat?(always never turn off monitor). i can set the width. and others, but width is out of control. that why u can't see START and TIME on the tast bar. and the Yahoo Messanger border look Dosen;t Straigh..

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let have a close look. see.. the START button is located OUTSIDE the display boundry..

Let's Share some things about LCD monitor.
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the Inches on normal monitor and Widescreen are different. why? becasue is count by cornet to corner. the 19" Samsung i bought actually is slightly lower than previous 17"Philips monitor(height). i guess the Picture Explain better than my words.

here is my monitor details , and the monitor i Bought For RM 780 on 24 Feb 2007 From Lowyat. just to remind.. double check the screen for Death Pexel before bring it home.else u need to collect up to 5~7 Death Pixel only qualified to claim warranty. and that salesman open up 4 Box of LCD and notices there is At least ONE death Pixel on the screen. (look ugly..) .

Samsung 940BW Widescreen
LCD monitor Specifications:

19" viewable area
4ms response time
300cd/m2 brightness
500:1 contrast ratio
1440 x 900 native resolution
DVI and analog
3-years limited warranty

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