Someone Break into my car!!!!

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early in the morning.. while i still a bit blur.. i walk to my wira and i found that... the door seem opened..and luck enough that they didn't break my windows.i guess that thanks to my lousy alarm system. didn't even make a sound..this is the 2nd time the alarm dissapoint me. i gonna replace it as soon as i got my cash with me

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then i check what i lost inside.. GOSH!!! everything is placed on my left passanger seat. what the hell!! so i try check what i had lost..everything inside the drawer is digged out. (mostly CD i put there)
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at first i tot i lost my HU(audio HEAD UNIT) so i drive without music all the way to office. when i trying to place everything on place.. i notice my Player Head Unit still there? miracle??

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my Coin's for TOLL.. i put all in my ashtray.. they clean it up for me. left 20cent in my car.
just a outdated player. but at least it still works. what else i lost?? i glad that NUT's just took my coin. but.. i realised that my spare key dissapear as well.. GOSH!!! i place that key in my car in case of EMERGENCY. now that spare key drag me into EMERGENCY situation. damn it. i guess i need to replace all the locks later on. haih..

2007 is such a bad lucks for me. why do i say so?
DEC - Banged with lorry,repair + repaint
JAN - Banged by a Mystery white Car,repair + repaint
FEB - Being SAMAN,only have 30 bucks .failed to RASUAH.need pay full amount
MAR - My wira being break in, spare key stolen, locks change required..

T___T, everymonth also have somethings bad happen to me. shit... this year not ONG at all, do i need to changed to DIGI? then only "好旺啊,好緊要旺啊~!". bad luck...
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