Ultimate Street Tunners @ Bukit Jalil

Wow!! jut right after i parked my Original Stock wira .. i saw a ...undescribable GEN 2.... see for your self.. it just parked striagh infront of me. wondering why this gen 2 is not placed inside..

Wow....She's cute isn't she? kawaiii neh~~~ ish.... no ppl hold camera for me T__T can't take together.. haihz.. sad sad

hehe~ what is that?? Ferrari ?? nope. Pensonic?? lagi impossible.. it just advertise BODYKITS that they able to make... trying to show off what can they do, ( ferrari + zonda ) cars... what's the origin of this car? ask them.. no idea...

it believe it can fly.. i think nowdays V-power Racing price dropped liao?? hwahaha, hey someone get me a chicken wings. i think is hot enough to BBQ there. can u guess what car is this?? i can't remember... just know that is 1 of NAZA production..

you don't usually see this car on road... look like kenari? nah~ guess again..is Mitsuoka loaded with 6.1 sound system??. i missed the chance to go inside T__T

yeah~ finally got chance to take photo with one of the show gal :p , notice something?? some of them look very young.. but nice still ^^

wow~~ nice nice~ pretty lady with pretty honda jazz..awsome.... nah nah nah... dun try to magnified this photo ar.. hawhahaha, i didn't snap this angle on purpose . lol is accident..(..nose bleeding)

i want my WIRA to look like THISS.is coool... oh well.. day dreaming for 3 second. i asked , it cost me a korea trip price to get my wira look like this...i rather go korea.. wahahhaaha

fabulous car ~ this car dosen't mod much (i guess) , what the owner did is put on those nicely designed sticker to make the car look so special.. the design is nice.. and i mean .. really nice... same go to the girl there also :P

ok.. another 2 show gal of the night.. cute leh~

aiks... middle of the joy... RAINING!!! T__T so everyone try to squeeze into the stall. and guess what.. i found 2 leng lui inside. muahahaha.

erm....i think this car belongs to girls... and i think this owner love PINK... and i think she rich... and i'm speachless... pink.....i'll have nightmare driving this machine....

Dancing Queen in Action!! they dance eventhough is raining out there... others all blurred.. only this 1 capture clearly...

as i said.. even middle of raining the even still go on.. and still crouded and don't even bother about the rain. lol..too far... can't see racing queen on stage...

Ipohpigi~Ipoh Ipoh Pigi~

early morning... breakfast time!! wow... so crouded 1.... =_= table full and with ppl waiting beside.. so nice the dim sum here?

Ipoh famous geh DIM SUM!!! yummy!! hungry??? whahah OF COURSE!!! different than KL style DIM SUM that taste powder like style.. and is much more cheaper than KL Dim Sum...yummy yummy.. full table of Dim Sum
Okay... after Dim Sum.. time to exercise a bit.. we going to cave.. cave of happiness.muahahaha,
Ipoh wellknown geh White Coffee.. they said is ORIGIN... but i still prefer the previous trips we visited geh that while coffee(actually just infront of this shop only )

of course... Ipoh Nga Choy Gai.. yummy~ oh my my~ the taste of the soup still remain in my mouth.. DELICIOUS!!!

APIIT Orang Gathering in Laundry Bar

been a while since the unsucessfull gathering previously. and this time things sgo smoothly and everyone is there !. already 1 month ++ keep receiving email about "The Curve Outing" email about discuss when to come out . and here is it.. whahaha saturday night at Italianese The curve.

erm.. cafe Toledo.. kind of coffee mix with liqour. cost me RM13 ~.~wat you see is the QUANTITY. i haven't place my hand on it yet.. oh god... just 2/10 of a glass... how it taste?? like chocolate. then later on liqour taste.hahaha.

Here is all APIIT orang.some already gone home. or went back earlier.this is 2nd round photo.
first round? here also. but is filling stomach only, second round is liqour time!!hahaha.

here is everyone with little bit weng weng dei feel.haha, some aleady dancing on the dance floor.hahaha , orang from apiit, all crazy feller. whahaha,long time didn't meet each others for long time liao.

flame.......it's burning!!! i can feel the heat when they pour the liqour with flame... is called as FLAMING LAMBORGHINI. is type of strong cocktails available out there. thanks for the Surprize....some ORANG want to Dui Lam me pula... luckily... whahahaha, some orang want see me mabuk >"<

challange begin's! well.. 2 mounth finished the drinks. wait 10 minutes to heat up. then will begins floating. hawhaha...

trust me.. u will wake up directly when u see this bill show infront of you. whahahaha, RM1205.70!!, hahaha tomorrow buy toto to claim . whaha, also i heard some Orang said next time go steamboat better lo . LOL

BBQ celebration for pei chin Birthday

Yeah~!! BBQ Times!!! long time didn't have a BBQ celebration since last year my birthday . okay~ here is it. another BBQ session!!. yummy.

here is the picture while everyone is waiting for the chicken wings to toasted.hahaha , long time didn't gathered up ever since everyone leaving kompakar. yeah~! is ex-kompakar here.

hey? where's Everyone goes????this stove firepower is way too low.. so all shifted to next stove. whahaha we have 3 stove for BBQ this time. wahhahaha.this how the MESSY side of BBQ. whaha

TADA!!!!! happy birthday to pei chin!!why the cake so small?? (ngam ngam hou for splash on face mar.hahaha).roasted wings or cake? of course got for wings~!!.whahaha

almost end of the BBQ. and there still some chicken wings remain raw. so.. cook them up. whaha, hornestly, this BBQ session. the wings is definately YUMMY!!! certified HOJIAK!!! someone become PRO in chicken wings preparation liao. whahaa

another picture of BBQ~!!! damn. i'm full tank already, if not ar~ there is nothing to show on this picture i tell u , dun play play.whahaahaha

Easy Come Easy Go??

what donny going to share today ?? does the title i put create "FEMALE" related in your mind?? nah~ just forget about it. what i going to share today is related to my career. i still confuse.. is a bit funny.. a bit of dissapoint...

last week,my friend told me his company is hiring, so i just drop them my resume , few days later being called and wish to arranged an interview with me. cool.. just give a try.. things goes smooth.. and i being asked to do programming on a paper.....i hate this.. there is no Backspace and Delete with your pen. so.. that piece of paper will be as messy as possible...(my skill still not reach the level yet?). argg. hope bill gates will do something on it. hope they come out something like Microsoft PEN, PEN.Net, Visual Studio PEN Edition or something, since so many company like to do Prgramming test with PEN!!

Ok, leave the noncense a side, ahhaha, the interview went through just fine. and mentioned that i will be shortlisted. result will be informed Tomorrow. so the next day i wait for my phone to ring. yes!! it rings and told me that they offering me and ask me to collect the offer letter, hey... wait.. i don't know what i GET from your company yet. nvm maybe they stated on the agreement. since my friend is working inside there, i ask him to collect for me, so at the same day i can go though the agreement and pass it back by tomorrow.

guess what i saw?? i saw...my salary offered, leave day's available...... that's it!! nothing else!!! how about my Medical leave?Insurance?Notice?bla bla others? never mention!! and rest of the 3 piece of paper is rules to follow(which protecting the company,sound unfair huh?), then i notice something... funny.. i didn't know i was born in 1953..my IC number is 530527-0X-XXXX. how old am i? then i notice... my name is wrong... that is ONLY wrong on the RULES of company. but the agreeent letter seem nothing wrong.

nvm.. i decided to return the offer letter for correction and some clarification. so i passed it to my friend in the next day early morning. then some times later they called me up.. saying that they can't proceed with the offer(what?? just some correction of my name and IC, plus some clarification, now want to pull back the offer???), need people urgently and decided to hire others. what is it?? it sound like trying to Trap me ? sound like a scam to me??

and guess what? it took 3 days, 1st day interview,2nd collect offer letter, 3rd day offer pulled back. i just able to Happy for 1 days? most important is luckily i didn't tender my resignation letter yet.hhahaha, seem like i need to stay a while longer in current company . :P , i like the environment.. just...lack or Vitaman M, that why always go see Career Doctor :P (nah~ dun try to tell me Vegetable got Vitamin M )
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