BBQ celebration for pei chin Birthday

Yeah~!! BBQ Times!!! long time didn't have a BBQ celebration since last year my birthday . okay~ here is it. another BBQ session!!. yummy.

here is the picture while everyone is waiting for the chicken wings to toasted.hahaha , long time didn't gathered up ever since everyone leaving kompakar. yeah~! is ex-kompakar here.

hey? where's Everyone goes????this stove firepower is way too low.. so all shifted to next stove. whahaha we have 3 stove for BBQ this time. wahhahaha.this how the MESSY side of BBQ. whaha

TADA!!!!! happy birthday to pei chin!!why the cake so small?? (ngam ngam hou for splash on face mar.hahaha).roasted wings or cake? of course got for wings~!!.whahaha

almost end of the BBQ. and there still some chicken wings remain raw. so.. cook them up. whaha, hornestly, this BBQ session. the wings is definately YUMMY!!! certified HOJIAK!!! someone become PRO in chicken wings preparation liao. whahaa

another picture of BBQ~!!! damn. i'm full tank already, if not ar~ there is nothing to show on this picture i tell u , dun play play.whahaahaha
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