Easy Come Easy Go??

what donny going to share today ?? does the title i put create "FEMALE" related in your mind?? nah~ just forget about it. what i going to share today is related to my career. i still confuse.. is a bit funny.. a bit of dissapoint...

last week,my friend told me his company is hiring, so i just drop them my resume , few days later being called and wish to arranged an interview with me. cool.. just give a try.. things goes smooth.. and i being asked to do programming on a paper.....i hate this.. there is no Backspace and Delete with your pen. so.. that piece of paper will be as messy as possible...(my skill still not reach the level yet?). argg. hope bill gates will do something on it. hope they come out something like Microsoft PEN, PEN.Net, Visual Studio PEN Edition or something, since so many company like to do Prgramming test with PEN!!

Ok, leave the noncense a side, ahhaha, the interview went through just fine. and mentioned that i will be shortlisted. result will be informed Tomorrow. so the next day i wait for my phone to ring. yes!! it rings and told me that they offering me and ask me to collect the offer letter, hey... wait.. i don't know what i GET from your company yet. nvm maybe they stated on the agreement. since my friend is working inside there, i ask him to collect for me, so at the same day i can go though the agreement and pass it back by tomorrow.

guess what i saw?? i saw...my salary offered, leave day's available...... that's it!! nothing else!!! how about my Medical leave?Insurance?Notice?bla bla others? never mention!! and rest of the 3 piece of paper is rules to follow(which protecting the company,sound unfair huh?), then i notice something... funny.. i didn't know i was born in 1953..my IC number is 530527-0X-XXXX. how old am i? then i notice... my name is wrong... that is ONLY wrong on the RULES of company. but the agreeent letter seem nothing wrong.

nvm.. i decided to return the offer letter for correction and some clarification. so i passed it to my friend in the next day early morning. then some times later they called me up.. saying that they can't proceed with the offer(what?? just some correction of my name and IC, plus some clarification, now want to pull back the offer???), need people urgently and decided to hire others. what is it?? it sound like trying to Trap me ? sound like a scam to me??

and guess what? it took 3 days, 1st day interview,2nd collect offer letter, 3rd day offer pulled back. i just able to Happy for 1 days? most important is luckily i didn't tender my resignation letter yet.hhahaha, seem like i need to stay a while longer in current company . :P , i like the environment.. just...lack or Vitaman M, that why always go see Career Doctor :P (nah~ dun try to tell me Vegetable got Vitamin M )
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