Ipohpigi~Ipoh Ipoh Pigi~

early morning... breakfast time!! wow... so crouded 1.... =_= table full and with ppl waiting beside.. so nice the dim sum here?

Ipoh famous geh DIM SUM!!! yummy!! hungry??? whahah OF COURSE!!! different than KL style DIM SUM that taste powder like style.. and is much more cheaper than KL Dim Sum...yummy yummy.. full table of Dim Sum
Okay... after Dim Sum.. time to exercise a bit.. we going to cave.. cave of happiness.muahahaha,
Ipoh wellknown geh White Coffee.. they said is ORIGIN... but i still prefer the previous trips we visited geh that while coffee(actually just infront of this shop only )

of course... Ipoh Nga Choy Gai.. yummy~ oh my my~ the taste of the soup still remain in my mouth.. DELICIOUS!!!
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