Ultimate Street Tunners @ Bukit Jalil

Wow!! jut right after i parked my Original Stock wira .. i saw a ...undescribable GEN 2.... see for your self.. it just parked striagh infront of me. wondering why this gen 2 is not placed inside..

Wow....She's cute isn't she? kawaiii neh~~~ ish.... no ppl hold camera for me T__T can't take together.. haihz.. sad sad

hehe~ what is that?? Ferrari ?? nope. Pensonic?? lagi impossible.. it just advertise BODYKITS that they able to make... trying to show off what can they do, ( ferrari + zonda ) cars... what's the origin of this car? ask them.. no idea...

it believe it can fly.. i think nowdays V-power Racing price dropped liao?? hwahaha, hey someone get me a chicken wings. i think is hot enough to BBQ there. can u guess what car is this?? i can't remember... just know that is 1 of NAZA production..

you don't usually see this car on road... look like kenari? nah~ guess again..is Mitsuoka loaded with 6.1 sound system??. i missed the chance to go inside T__T

yeah~ finally got chance to take photo with one of the show gal :p , notice something?? some of them look very young.. but nice still ^^

wow~~ nice nice~ pretty lady with pretty honda jazz..awsome.... nah nah nah... dun try to magnified this photo ar.. hawhahaha, i didn't snap this angle on purpose . lol is accident..(..nose bleeding)

i want my WIRA to look like THISS.is coool... oh well.. day dreaming for 3 second. i asked , it cost me a korea trip price to get my wira look like this...i rather go korea.. wahahhaaha

fabulous car ~ this car dosen't mod much (i guess) , what the owner did is put on those nicely designed sticker to make the car look so special.. the design is nice.. and i mean .. really nice... same go to the girl there also :P

ok.. another 2 show gal of the night.. cute leh~

aiks... middle of the joy... RAINING!!! T__T so everyone try to squeeze into the stall. and guess what.. i found 2 leng lui inside. muahahaha.

erm....i think this car belongs to girls... and i think this owner love PINK... and i think she rich... and i'm speachless... pink.....i'll have nightmare driving this machine....

Dancing Queen in Action!! they dance eventhough is raining out there... others all blurred.. only this 1 capture clearly...

as i said.. even middle of raining the even still go on.. and still crouded and don't even bother about the rain. lol..too far... can't see racing queen on stage...

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MonkeyWong said...

Nice cars, nice gals1

zeezee said...

WOW!!! wonderful cars and wonderful bods. brighten up my day!

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