Pirates Goes Premier

Just knew that my new boss Practise Team Outing Once a while. and i'm first time joining them for this event.i'm so happy to heard they going for pirates of caribbean 3. cool, and we going for PREMIER CLASS, so excited, coz poor don always go for economy class or wednesday class most of the time.

Inside Premier Cinema
Once i entered. here is it~ Rooom of Premier. whahaha, ok ok, i know i sound like a mice of a kampung else where.

Only Twin Seated
ok~, there only twin seat available here. and tiny table attached to the seat. and me alone conquered the 2 seat last night. muahahhaa.

1 Last Shot Before Leaving the Hall
okies.. movie ends. time to leave....

Pirates Of Caribbean 3,comment from me?? well... the movie is so cool to me. maybe i already like pirate's type of movie. so it's exciting!! my friend just told me.. this movie just soso, i somehow disagree with them. the movie didn't let me down. it's cool. Jack Sparrow~Black Pearl. sail to the World's END

It's My Big Day!! it's My Big Milk Tea!

Think about Wong Kok, the most Famous there is the their Milk Tea.. why?? coz u can't find it else where.. and i mean the SIZE!!! how big is it?? see the picture below..and it's only available for Birthday guy/girl and it's FREE!!!

Small Glass Meet Big Glass. that's the SIZE they have.. gosh...very big lar~ need to show ur IC to claim this big big glass. and must exactly on the day of your birthday~!!!

CHeers~ but no BOTTOM's UP!!! that's OBVIOUSLY Unfair!!wahhahaaha.

yeah~ Teh PENG!!!(Milk Tea) , drink drink drink~ anyone please help me reserved the washroom first... just in case....

erm... someone just ask for milk tea refill....so.... hahahahha, open your month plz...kakakka

hahaha, i DiD enjoyed my Milk Tea and Dinner tonight.. wahhaaha,thanks for everyone ^^. i have a happy moment :P.. funny... another restaurant that does not accept CREDIT CARD!!!
damn Fish when heard they said "we don't accept credit card" T__T. not enough cash lar....

Genting CoffeeBean Session.

hahaha it's my Birthday Eve today~ lol.. so .. gathered few ppl to go somewhere, where to go? hahhaa, first planned to go somewhere drink drink.. but then suddenly plan changed then climb up to genting for coffee bean session~ . yeah~ blow blow wind, drin drink ice-blended, then start shake your body. whahaha.

Yeah~ CoffeeBean! Ice Blended!! that COOL! trust me. genting ice blended is taste different from KL or else where ice blended. should try. hahahaa

Time for some Photos.. me, mical,kai and yik. the 4 gila gila feller that decided to go up genting last munites. whahaha, but i enjoyed. wahahha, i like cool envorinment. added with ice blended. Fu.YOH! nice!!

i like this photo. hahaha, somewhere in genting.. know where is it?? it's COOL out there. went down almost 4 am in the morning.. what time we go up? 11pm.. yeah~ just go up for coffeeBean and Cold Wind. whahaa

New Job~ New COlleague~ New Environment

As previous Post. yeah i resigned, and today i'm 2nd day showing my face in my new company. New Environment! new Face! new Food!! New Price Tag !! T__T (KLCC mar). i found that colleague quite friendly here. My Wira finally get a rest at it's carpark. i'm taking LRT to work now. now most of my time is walk walk walk. hahaha, good diet..

there are a lot of New things i like about this new company. one of it? placed on my table. check it out. it's COOL!! i tot my 19" Wide screen is WIDE enough.. but this is way more cool :P. yeah, it's my working tools.

why needed 2 screen?? well.. i'm not so clear as well.. currently i used it for 1 Screen for Gmail.com another open Cari Forum. no need to ALT+TAB most of the time. from what my senior told me. 1 LCD for CODE'S checking, another LCD for WEB end result checking. sound cool? hope the workload won't scaring me away...


Crystal Mountain AGAIN!! and my mom weer there!!

yeah~ i climb there again. and this time my mom is In ACTION!! hahahaha Never Ever Expect she will join us for the activities. so surprize

the Melawati Mount Climb's , that's there early climber... i'm also surprise that weng chye also join us gila this time. wahahahaha,

this is the surprised.. my 3rd mom said want to climb @.@ even myself can't believe. whahaha, anyway she made it up there and bodyache and then sick for few day.... -_- over-exercise maybe...

erm...uncle chye hugging the rock or nature~ wahaha, or falling?? need a hand? or need a foot? hwahaa, we just watching~ muahahahahaha.

forgotten how many times i climbed this mount.. but this is the most crouded i ever faced.. everyone stucked at the Rob Climbing there ( exprienced ppl should know where). and i heard somebody speaking THAI.. what is this?? this mount become one of the tourist place?? hahaha.

Today is the Day!!

what day is it??????
my Last day working in Emerge Webhosting... yeah... i had resigned from my job month ago.. and today is my last day showing up in this company.also is the day i having lunch with them as colleague. ^_^

well... here is where we go for the my farewell celebration. paddington pancake? located in THE CURVE.

hahaha,yeah~ there's everyone. Software Team.Design Team. hahaha,

hahaha, our Dai Ga Jie, Seek Wai,Naugty, Active, Happy Mother. ahhaha, btw.. she's PRO is food review. LOL. food blog lover. hahahaha. want eat something yummy, look for her. LOL

SUPERMAN and kelvin the designer.Superman working closely with me in nanyang project, haha, always said he secret identity is SUPERMAN. wahhaa , all the while looking for WONDER WOMEN. wahahahaha. good luck .wakakakakaka.

Loke Moon on the left is GENIUS that stay just near my place. hahaha,and the right side is Yew Meng. who also a Ex-Kompakar i heard. hahaha.

SAM ,Presales that also work very close with me in Nanyang project. wahaha,also girl that have the same english name with me Brother. lol. and ALAN at the right. hahah another EX-kompakarian, come in after 1 month i join Emerge. hahaha , end up day day ot at emerge. hwahaha look like very cham.. whahaha

ok, this is my technical manager ROY. hahaha, one of the company trouble maker.hahha,always put me on table. else drag me into water. hahaha,

Guess who's he? he's the 1 who took me in at the first place. yeah~ My Lou Sai~. kakaka, good hearted person.never see him angry,happy all the time. hahaha

Ok... i think that's all, ByeBye Emerge.. i'm not Naik Pangkat to Ex-Emerge liao. hahaha, so long~ new future await me. (hope is not hell)

Oh, before it come to the end.. i would like to share something funny. whahaha, check this notice which can be found in emerge toilet. cool isn't it? hahaha .

May Borned Babie's

yeah~Tonight is the night for May borned babies. hahahaha, CANES restaurant that located at genting Klang.

Yeah~ that My 2nd Mom(yingying), Me and Soon Yik. 3 of us get to see the skies in Mayday. yeah~ MayBornBabie's. 1 candles for each of us. Harpie Birthday~~ :P

Times To devide the Cake. kakakaka Chocolate Banana~!!! yeah~ that mean get ready for weigh gaining. LOL.

Fuh~~!! the cake is finished... somehow they did it!, i mean.. finished.. hahaha,what's next??Gamble time!! Gamble queen in action LOL!!! Chor Chor Chor!! CHor Big Dee

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Days~~ MOM~

MOM~~ Happy Mothersday... (guess my mom busy cooking for my dad in the kitchen.)
can't go back to hometown during mothers day... way too rush if i did go back. beside... my mom went back to melacca to visit her mom as well (lol) .. mom i miss your cooking a lot T_T...

Photo's took from Somewhere.. it's Nice rite??? some decoration for mother's day.

hahaha, the're are my mom's , LOL, oh well... God Mothers in details explain.. dunno why... they like to practice as a mom. hahahaha, Big mom on the left , 3rd Mom on the right, 2nd mom? absent. whahaha.

My PC is back!! but....

yeah~ got my PC back!! thanks god it only toasted the Power Supply. else i need to have another big blood to vomit .... ok... the PC is revived.. but..... i'm sicked for 2 week.. and still not getting any better... god.. i need to install anti virus!! hahaha.
medicine !! medicine !! medicine !! hate medicine!!

LIFE without a PC....

Arrgghhh!!! can you imagine how bored i am?? somehow.. i just fried my PC ... it gone unstable last 2 day and walla... there it goes... totally blackout on sunday...

Somethings burned inside my PC. and i don't know what is it... hopefully is it not Processor or Motherboard... hopefully is power supply K.Oed... else... my wallet going to vomit blood again... gosh... i guess this can categorised as May Unlucky things again.. i jsut replace my LCD month ago.. and now.. whole PC??? T__T

i'm totally lost when i don't have PC with me... Oh my god... i think this few days need to find some activities to do. else i'll very suffer... help... help... help ... T__T
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